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Iridescent Clear Frit



New - Introducing Iridescent Clear Frit from Bullseye Glass!

Add a touch of subtle sparkle to your cast and fused kiln-glass! Crushed from top-grade Bullseye Clear Iridescent Fusible Sheet glass, these new frits are available in gauge sizes: Powder (-0008), Fine (-0001), Medium (-0002), Coarse (-0003), Extra Large (-0005). Sold in 5 oz., 1 lb., and 5 lb. jars.

Use the Extra Large frit in cast tiles or thick cast bowls to add a whisper of organic iridescent pattern beyond form, texture, and color. Coarse, Medium, Fine, and Powder add subtle metallic speckles to your work.

Ask for Iridescent Clear Frit at your local Bullseye dealer. Some locations have it in stock, and for others, it is on the way. Add a hint of glint to your glass!

Order your Irid Frit here or stop by any of our five retail locations.