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Emerge 2012 Finalists Announced

January 2012


The finalists for the seventh biennial Emerge 2012 competition for kiln-glass artists have been selected by jurors Laura Addison, Klaus Moje, and Silvia Levenson.

The Finalists:

Miri Admoni, The Four Elements brooch

Racquel Austin-abdullah, this is another place

Rhoda Baer, Philtre

Joe Bartholomew and Ryan Tanner, Girih Extended, Source Spiral

Orion Becker, Control of the Politico Beast

Karen Bexfield, Oropendola Clara

Cortney Boyd, Tell Me Your Sorrows

Victoria Calabro, yellow frame, yellow frame 2, yellow frame 3 (collection)

MalPina Chan, Circumstances I-IV (collection)

Sukyung Chung, Deconstruction III

Julie Dean, S-21 Boy: Losing you is no loss

Clark DeCapite, Jr., Hook Torsion

Karina Del Savio, Every girl is born a Princess

Thomas Donaldson, Translucent

Janet Foley, Strata #1

Elizabeth Fortunato, Not a Family Man

Christopher Gibson, Blanket

Claudia Golzman, Breath

Jennifer Halvorson, Thirst

Émilie Haman, Once upon a time

Carole & William Hutchison, Dangerous Toys elements (collection)

Sacha Janzee, Three Chapels (collection)

Mikyoung Jung, the still city

Saman Kalantari, Silk road III

Marzena Krzeminska, lenses

Ester Luesma and Xavier Vega, autumn leaves (collection)

Karen Mahardy, folded 1a and folded 1b (collection)

Shandra McLane, Untitled vessel and vitreography print, #2

Rita Neumann, My Stickers Album

Alyssa Oxley, Second Wind

Denise Pepper, Punto in Aria collection

Steven Ramsey, Mauve Fetch, Stock and Fetch, Yellow Seed (collection)

Luisa Restrepo, Medallion Scroll

Cathryn Shilling, Wear & Tear - Duality 2

Amanda Simmons, 21 Causeymire (collection)

Sayaka Suzuki, Harvest Day

Antonio Sciacca & Eduardo Nieto, Avionet

Sarah Vaughn, House of Cards

Amy Westover, Code

Melinda Willis, Familiar Space

Damee Yu, Hollow City

Emerge 2012 is sponsored by Bullseye Glass Co. of Portland, Oregon - a manufacturer of handcrafted glass for art and architecture with worldwide distribution and a strong commitment to education and the promotion of glass art. This exhibition, the seventh in a biennial series, offers prizes and recognition at an awards ceremony on April 7, 2012, as well as representation in a full-color catalog. Bullseye's fine art gallery in Portland will host the exhibition. Selected award-winners will be included in subsequent group shows at the New Mexico Museum of Art in Santa Fe and Bullseye's new facility in the San Francisco Bay Area.