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Finalists Announced for Emerge/Evolve 2016

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Finalists have been announced for Emerge/Evolve 2016, the ninth in biennial series of exhibitions sponsored by Bullseye Glass. The 45 finalists in this international juried competition represent 16 countries. Their work will be judged on excellence of craftsmanship, design, and creativity. Winners will be announced at an award ceremony in Portland on June 25.

Judges for Emerge/Evolve 2016 are Stefano Catalani (Curator, Bellevue Arts Museum), Kim Harty (Assistant Professor of Crafts - Glass, College for Creative Studies and Editor, GASnews) and Sue Taylor (Professor of Art History, Portland State University and Contributing Editor to Art in America).

Awards include a total of $22,000 in Bullseye Glass gift cards, as well as recognition at an awards ceremony and representation in a full-color catalog. Selected award winners will be included in a national tour culminating in an exhibition at the Bellevue Arts Museum.

Finalists' artwork can be viewed at

Emerge/Evolve 2016 Finalists

Brant Abinosa, "Self Portrait in Glass"
Nicholas Doran Adams, "Collector Bowl – Rupee", "SoDaft #2", "Pac-Man Glitch"
Kim Brill, "Plaza Blanca, New Mexico: Investigations"
Rhoda Baer, "Alicia"
Josh Bass, "Specimen 484"
Darryl Berry, "Sun", "Water"
Angela Beucler, "Reclaimed"
Ligia Bouton, "Green Wallpaper 1: Inhale/Exhale"
Karen Carrego, "Dying Light"
Hye Sook Choi, "Keep Buying Luxuries and Eat Junk Food"
Kalina Chung, "Lingua"
Kate Clements, "Stain"
Evy Cohen, "The Wood – Diptych"
Robin Crawford, "Momentary Sequence"
Simone Fezer, "excrescence I, II, and III"
Linda Gass, "Ghost of Wetlands Past"
Terri Grant, "No Prisoners"
Christopher Gray, "Meander White"
Michelle Hamilton, "Citrine Nudibranch”
Ashraf Hanna, "Amber red vessel form"
Silvia Holzkan, "Si yo fuera libro..."
Lee Howes, "My Valentine"
Saman Kalantari, "Touch"
Su-yeon Kim, "personal remains"
Marzena Krzeminska-Baluch, "Landscape"
Monette Larsen, "Swift"
Jared Last, "Moire"
Helen Lee, "KowTow"
Alison Lowry, "Symphony of Blue" 
Patricia Ludovici, “Hysteric”
Sean Merchant, “Work Shirts”
Lawrence Morrell, “Synthetic Spider II”
Josefina Muñoz, “Water or Land”
Elizabeth Newnham, “Target”
David Pascoe, “Jack”
Carrie Ann Plank, “Vestige (Cast Skin)”
Nina Podobnikar, “Embrace of Light”
Marjorie K. Sanders, “Laguna Ikebana Bowl”
Kristin Sheffels Simpson, “Kaleidoscope Bowl 1”
Jeffrey Stenbom, “To Those Who Have”
Emily Van Engel, “Power From Within”
Dóra Varga, “2048”
Nataliya Vladychko, “Handkerchief”
Cheryl Wilson-Smith, “Promises and Lies: Keeping Score”