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Make Your Panel Art Float with French Cleats

You can display glass panel artwork with hooks, frames, or shelves. But what if you wanted a panel to look as if it were floating in front of a wall without any hardware obstructing the view? 

attaching french cleats FBOne way to do this is by attaching a basic French cleat to the panel with a silicone adhesive. Bullseye now offers a selection of French cleats and the adhesive required to attach them to your artwork. 

French Cleats
High strength aluminum, heat treated to T6.  

For load information, see the chart: What Size French Cleat Do I Need?

Silicone Adhesive
Dow CorningĀ® 995 Silicone Structural Sealant (8617) - A one-component, self-priming elastomeric adhesive specifically formulated for silicone structural glazing.

Helpful Resources

Video lesson: Attaching French Cleats (subscription required)
This lesson describes how to design and calculate basic requirements for a French cleat hanging system, what materials and tools you'll need, and how to set up the work area. We'll also cover how to apply and cure the adhesive and how to hang the piece.