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New Transparent Greens for 2016

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Where there's a will, there's a way!

The wizards in our Production department have set to work figuring out how to make green glass without chromium due to current production restrictions. These four new transparent green styles are the first vibrant additions to our line.

UPDATE: We made more—Download a PDF of all 13 new chromium-free green styles!

For more information on green styles currently suspended from production, see this this update on our website.

Leaf Green (001217)
Lily Pad Green (001226)
Medieval Green (001242)
Light Mineral Green (001247)


Sheet Glass

Double-rolled 3mm
Double-rolled 3mm, with Rainbow Iridescent coating
2mm Thin
2mm Thin, with Rainbow Iridescent coating


frit kinds

Fine, Medium, Coarse, and Powder

Note: The color of frit in this style will change when fired. In larger grain sizes, the result will resemble the hue of the sheet glass; smaller grain sizes will take on a blue-green hue. This difference is most noticeable in powder (-0008). This unique characteristic has been observed through a range of heatwork, from tack fuse to full fuse firings.

new green frit strips

Download a PDF with additional information on our new greens.

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