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New Products for 2014

Bullseye is excited to announce additions to our product line. Take your creativity to new heights with new styles and colors of sheet and accessory glasses!

New Sheet Glass

new products 000241 0030 new products 001857 0030 new products 003086 0030
Moss Green Opalescent
000241-0030, -0050
(Price Code C)

An earthy, dark green.
Red Amber Tint
(Price Code D)

A light orange with amber tones. Developed for billets, but also a great sheet glass color. Layer over pale opals for terra cotta hues.
White, Turquoise Blue, Midnight Blue
(Price Code C)

A color combination that has been very popular in our Resource Centers.
new products 000100 0024 new products 001101 0024 new products 004302 0031
Black, Soft Ripple, Irid
(Price Code C)

Classic black. Try sifting opalescent powder over. Ripples fire flat but the pattern remains, marked by powder.
Clear, Soft Ripple, Irid
(Price Code A)

Classic clear. A great texture for cabinet doors, or sift glass powders on top and fire to get a pattern.
Clear, Clear Streamers, Irid
(Price Code D)

Layer over any other color to add an elegant metallic pattern to the surface.

Sheet Glass

Now available in single- and double-rolled

new products 002109 new products 002112 new products 002121
White, Dark Brown
002109-0000, -0030
(Price Code B)
Mint Opal, Deep Forest Green
002112-0000, -0030
(Price Code B)
Yellow Opal, Deep Forest Green 2-Color Mix
002121-0000, -0030
(Price Code C)

Now available as Bullseye Compatible

new products 002250 new products 003026 new products 003045
Soft Yellow Opal, Deep Red
(Price Code C)

Fired sample shown.
Expect variation.
Cranberry Pink, Royal Blue,
Spring Green, White

003026-0021, -0030
(Price Code K)
Azure Blue Opal, Jade Green Opal, Neo-Lavender
003045-0021, -0030
(Price Code K)
new products 003126 new products 003203 new products 003334
Cranberry, Royal Blue,
Spring Green

003126-0021, -0030
(Price Code K)
Woodland Brown Opal,
Ivory, Black

003203-0021, -0030
(Price Code C)
Cranberry Pink, Gold Purple, White
003334-0021, -0030
(Price Code F)
new products 003345 new products 003346  
Cranberry Pink, Emerald Green, White
003345-0021, -0030
(Price Code K)
Cranberry Pink, Azure Blue, White
003346-0021, -0030
(Price Code K)

This style may not reveal (or strike to) its target colors until fired.


new products 000117 0002 new products 000118 0002 new products 000119 0002
Mineral Green Opalescent
000117 (Price Code B)
Periwinkle Opalescent
000118 (Price Code C)
Mink Opalescent
000119 (Price Code D)
new products 000131 0002 new products 000332 0002 new products 000206 0002
Artichoke Opalescent
000131 (Price Code D)
Plum Opalescent
000332 (Price Code F)

Elephant Opalescent
000206 (Price Code C)
new products 001025 0002 Each style is Bullseye Compatible and available in Powder (-0008), Fine (-0001), Medium (-0002), and Coarse (-0003) mesh sizes, packaged in 5 oz. (.14 kg), 1 lb. (.45 kg), and wide-mouth 5 lb. (2.27 kg) jars.

These styles may not reveal (or strike to) their target colors until fired.
Light Orange
001025 (Price Code C)




new products 008418 0507 new products 001857 0065
Mixed Fine Line 0.5 mm
Red Amber Tint