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Video Master Classes

Bullseye Videos Master Classes From left to right: Tall vessels, by Amanda Simmons; Tapestry, by Richard Parrish; Pâte de verre, by Alicia Lomné.

Bullseye Videos Master Classes

August 23, 2019

After years of requests from the world’s kiln-glass community, we are pleased to introduce a new series of in-depth, online educational videos featuring influential makers as they share their signature methods.

Bullseye Videos’ Master Classes make available some of the world’s most admired teachers and their sought-after kiln-glass workshops. You now have the opportunity to take these classes online at your convenience—anytime, anywhere. Each video includes step-by-step instructions for thorough, user-friendly learning. They are also organized by navigable chapter titles that allow you to learn at your own pace and review with ease.

Each one-time purchase of $125 gives you permanent streaming access to the Master Class of your choice; it helps continue the production of high-quality long-form educational materials; and, vitally, it supports the featured artists who share their work, working methods, and passion in order to inspire and empower our community.

Current Master Classes include:

Pâte de Verre, Grains of Light with Alicia Lomné

The Tapestry Project with Richard Parrish

Tall Vessels with Amanda Simmons