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Rhubarb Pastel Opalescent 000459

  • Rod

Rhubarb Pastel Opalescent Rod

rhubarb pastel opalescent rod 000459-0576-F-xxxx

Cold Characteristics

Slightly translucent opalescent. Color shift described below.

Working Notes

Hues of shift colors change depending on light source (natural, incandescent, LED, or fluorescent) and sometimes thickness, regardless of whether they have been fired or not.

Torch: A stable pastel that is not prone to reduction in a neutral flame.

Kiln: Rod-only glass style. Consider a design solution to avoid or remove potential devitrification: cap with clear or sandblast/remo


An opalescent version of Rhubarb Shift Tint (001859), 000459 is a rare earth glass that shifts from a pale blue to a pale green to a neutral pink depending on the light source.