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Stiff Black Opalescent 000101

  • Sheet Glass

  • Rod

  • Frit

  • Stringer

Stiff Black Opalescent Sheet Glass

bullseye stiff black opalescent kiln glass 000101-0030-x-xxxx

Cold Characteristics

Consistent color.

Working Notes

Stable. No color shift.

Stiff Black Opalescent Rod


Cold Characteristics

True black, looks identical to Black Opalescent (000100-0576).

Working Notes

Torch: Holds a crisp edge in the flame longer & hotter than 000100-0576.

Kiln: Working properties and kilnformed characteristics are consistent with sheet glass. See sheet glass notes for this style.


Stiff Black was originally developed for glass blowing purposes such as the Roll-up technique. Labeling is encouraged because it looks identical to 000100-0576.

Stiff Black Opalescent Stringer

stiff black opalescent stringer 000101-0507-x-xxxx