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What form of glass do I use for kilncasting?

although any form of glass can be used in kilncasting, billets are recommended for ease of use and clarity of casting

Different casting methods and desired outcomes will necessitate different forms of glass.  For example, if working in the pate de verre method you will want to use frits and powders.  Whereas when working in the box casting method, for example, you may find it easier to work with billet.

Any form of Bullseye glass (billet, cullet, sheet, frit) may be used, but the form selected will have a direct impact on the clarity of the casting. For example, a casting made from billet will have excellent clarity, while casting with the same color in frit will result in a piece with many small bubbles and a milky appearance.

To read more about selecting glass for kilncasting, see TipSheet 8: Basic Lost Wax Kilncasting 

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