Working Glass 2014

2014 Working Glass Prize Winners

President's Choice (selected by Bullseye President Daniel Schwoerer)

  • Charlie Tellessen, Charity Reeves, Paul McNulty and Nate Baisch, Four Kilns

Director's Choice (selected by Bullseye Projects director Lani McGregor)

  • Erica Chubeck, Untitled

Functional (tiles, dishes, lighting, buttons, jewelry, etc.)

Three-way tie for Gold:

  • Anton Hauptman, Serving Platter
  • Kaley Finegan, Galaxy Bowl
  • Paul McNulty, Does Adama Dream of Electric Toasters / Apollo's Revenge

Non-Functional (sculptures, wallpieces, etc.)

  • Gold - Ryan Sharpe, Atomic Termination
  • Silver - Todd Beaty, Birth of Dionysus
  • Bronze - Jamie Grove, Blinding Masks

First Timer (for Bullseye employees who have never entered a Working Glass competition, regardless of hire date)

  • Gold - Opie Hileman, Connect 2
  • Silver - Andy Bixler, Tippy #2
  • Bronze - Ilene Conde, Push, Play, Place

Congratulations to all winners! Visit our Flickr album to see photos from the awards reception.


  • Andre Simard, ''Immobile''

  • Andy Bixler, ''Tippy #2''

  • Anton Hauptman, ''Serving Platter''

  • Charlie Tellessen, ''The Sun's not Yellow, it's Chicken''

  • Corey Granados, ''Bacon Bits''

  • Devon Willis, ''She is stardust, she is golden, she is billion year old carbon, and she's made her way back to the garden''

  • Erika Chubeck, untitled

  • Geraldine Gladden, ''Pillow Talk (2)''

  • Ilene Conde, ''Push, Play, Place''

  • Jamie Grove, ''Blinding Masks''

  • John Santellano

  • Kaley Finegan, ''Galaxy Bowl''

  • Larissa Palmentere, untitled

  • Lee Ingalls, ''Black Box: Pickle Hammer Bonus Pants!''

  • Minna Shirley, ''Microcosmic''

  • Myles Hevelone, ''Boo''

  • Nate Baisch, ''Pretty Woman''

  • Opie Hileman, ''Connect 2''

  • Paul McNulty, ''Does Adama Dream of Electric Toasters / Apollo's Revenge''

  • Ryan Sharpe

  • Sara Buxton, ''Dialects''

  • Sarah Givens, ''Wavy Tray''

  • Spencer Silva, ''Zoey''

  • Spencer Silva & Myles Hevelone, ''Blue Fin Tuna''

  • Steve Lechleiter, ''Zen'' (Based on Steve Immerman's ''Axxcept'' series.)

  • Ted Sawyer, ''...''

  • Charlie Tellessen, Charity Reeves, Nate Baisch, Paul McNulty, ''Four Kilns''

  • Todd Beaty, ''Birth of Dionysus''


An exhibition of artwork by Bullseye employees
December 1, 2014 - January 31, 2015

Bullseye employees do a lot with glass: melt it, roll it, sell it, package it, ship it, and teach you ways to work with it. But they also love working with it themselves, and Working Glass is proof.

This annual exhibition, which shows off pieces they've made after hours in the factory and in their own homes and studios, was held at Portland Resource Center gallery.