Multitasking Mold: Cone Bowl

By  Bonnie
2017-03-21 10:27:50
We're pretty into these little dishes. The form is functional, small and right at home in the kitchen, at the dining table or on a nightstand, dresser or desk. Nice for salt, jewelry, coins or other small items. Great as a set or as a stand alone object. Multitask the Cone Bowl Mold by using a significantly smaller blank than the largest it can handle. These started out about 3.75" in diameter. The color palette is based on Quick Tip: Tint Overlay Palette. [caption id="attachment_7332" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Cone Bowl, mold 8943."][/caption]

One tip with the Cone Bowl mold is to re-apply shelf primer more frequently than with gently curved forms. This will help the glass move along the mold surface relatively evenly, with minimal hangups. This tip and others are mentioned in Mold Tips: Cone Bowls. Make some for yourself, your friends & family. They're also perfect for hosts & foodies!