I've Been Sprung!

2008-03-11 08:04:10
OK, in my scheme to get out from under this blog, I snagged my first Guest Editor. Susan Green is our Sales Supervisor. I’d seen her own [wonderful] blog that included a bit about the hummingbird nest in the factory parking lot and figured she’d bite. 1susang_iconw.gif Susan!!!! Hillary should be this small…and blow away! I asked for 300 words. Susan gave me 426. Sales - always inflating their numbers ;-) I asked for a picture of herself. She gave me a photo the size of an eraser head, no picture of the birds (now corrected!) and a bunch of über-cute images of baby kittens. But she got me out from under this blog today. And I LOVE her for it! Seriously, thanks, girl! Spring Has Sprung at the Factory by Susan (1susang_iconw.gifPinhead ) Green Spring in Portland comes early - shockingly early from an ex-Midwesterner's point of view. I remember my first year in Portland back in 1994, I was walking to the bus stop and nearly fell over when I passed someone mowing their lawn - in February. I had never seen such a thing, coming from the Great Lakes state, where grass typically did not even get thought about until April or even May. be_hummingbirdw.gif Eat your heart out, Detroit! 2008 is no exception around here. It is 10 days into March, and the daffodils and crocuses are blooming, the fruit trees have tiny delicate blooms, and hummingbirds are mating and nesting out near the propane tank here at the factory. This tiny nest was spotted in one of the trees around the backside of the factory near the 12,000 gallon propane tank. I don't quite know what this Mom was thinking, as there is quite a bit of noise and activity right outside the maintenance bay, but she is hanging in there, and can be spotted sitting in her nest. Richard Greiling, intrepid and stealthy maintenance employee, has fashioned a peeping tom mirrored device to check on the eggs when Mom flies away. Word on the street is that the tiny eggs have hatched, and we hope to have a couple of tiny hummingbirds zipping about in a few weeks. 2ryan-feedingw.gif Warm & Fuzzy. The BE factory where Rough & Ready meets Cute & Cuddly. Last year about this time we had a similar occurrence of animal husbandry at the factory, but then it was kittens. As a crew swept through an area we refer to as the "boneyard", a tarp was pulled away from a pallet of stuff, and behind it all was a Mama cat and 4 or 5 kittens. The cute baby animal alert went through the factory like wildfire- "Kittens in the boneyard!" was the talk of the day, and within about 24 hours all of those tiny kittens were adopted out and have lovely new homes (as Mama ran away and did not come back). Perhaps the Oregon Humane Society should try an adoption technique such as this- tiny animals found in industrial areas seem to be all the rage and will go like hot cakes. Or hot kittens. 3-fighting-for-the-bottlew.gif Awwwwwwwwwww. So as you may have heard, to relieve Lani of her impending carpal tunnel and blog upkeep guilt, I'll be twisting arms around the factory so you can all meet some of the other folks that make things run around here. You may hear about glass-making- or not, we'll just see where it takes us. Stay tuned!! - S.G. [Susan, you're a dream - I owe you! - L.M.]