Crate Ideas!

2009-04-08 06:47:09
Back in the early ‘70s the Bullseye guys (Dan, Ray & Boyce) were pretty smug about making art glass out of recycled bottles. No doubt, it was a cool idea. Followed by a few other ideas that weren’t quite so cool. Like using recycled dogs - ok ok, just the ash, collected from the local pound - to make a “bone ash opal”.  (Who could have known that the metal tags would muck up the color?) Ideas are one thing. Style is another. IMO Bullseye didn’t have a lot of it back then (whose idea was it to run those stupid glass worms across the pages of Glass Fusing Book One?) Recycling + Style? Enter The Dutch. Must be in the air (or the canals?) Only the nation that gave us Droog could do THIS to Bullseye crating: 1dutch_flitsw Built by Hans Vernooij for Tim Schoondergang. (A note to Bullseye's warehouse team: please watch the penmanship when filling in those net and gross weights in the future - it needs to be worthy of someday hovering over the Hutspot.) Moving from the kitchen into the living areas, on wheels, no less! This coffee table by Boudewijn van den Bosch...: 2dutch_tablew ….whose cabinetry is also sheer music…. 3dutch_cabinetw Thanks to Steef Hendriks, our brilliant Dutch dealer at splinter &  de vosch, for showing us the stylish potential of Bullseye’s waste stream. And thanks again to Michele and her crafty husband – I suspect that their story on this blog a couple of weeks ago may have started this international furniture competition.