Working Glass 2014 | Working Glass

Working Glass 2014

Award Winners

President's Choice (selected by Bullseye President Daniel Schwoerer)

  • Charlie Tellessen, Charity Reeves, Paul McNulty and Nate Baisch, Four Kilns

Director's Choice (selected by Bullseye Projects director Lani McGregor)

  • Erica Chubeck, Untitled

Functional (tiles, dishes, lighting, buttons, jewelry, etc.)

Three-way tie for Gold:

  • Anton Hauptman, Serving Platter
  • Kaley Finegan, Galaxy Bowl
  • Paul McNulty, Does Adama Dream of Electric Toasters / Apollo's Revenge

Non-Functional (sculptures, wallpieces, etc.)

  • Gold - Ryan Sharpe, Atomic Termination
  • Silver - Todd Beaty, Birth of Dionysus
  • Bronze - Jamie Grove, Blinding Masks

First Timer (for Bullseye employees who have never entered a Working Glass competition, regardless of hire date)

  • Gold - Opie Hileman, Connect 2
  • Silver - Andy Bixler, Tippy #2
  • Bronze - Ilene Conde, Push, Play, Place

Congratulations to all winners! Visit our Flickr album to see photos from the awards reception.


  • Andre Simard, ''Immobile''

  • Andy Bixler, ''Tippy #2''

  • Anton Hauptman, ''Serving Platter''

  • Charlie Tellessen, ''The Sun's not Yellow, it's Chicken''

  • Corey Granados, ''Bacon Bits''

  • Devon Willis, ''She is stardust, she is golden, she is billion year old carbon, and she's made her way back to the garden''

  • Erika Chubeck, untitled

  • Geraldine Gladden, ''Pillow Talk (2)''

  • Ilene Conde, ''Push, Play, Place''

  • Jamie Grove, ''Blinding Masks''

  • John Santellano

  • Kaley Finegan, ''Galaxy Bowl''

  • Larissa Palmentere, untitled

  • Lee Ingalls, ''Black Box: Pickle Hammer Bonus Pants!''

  • Minna Shirley, ''Microcosmic''

  • Myles Hevelone, ''Boo''

  • Nate Baisch, ''Pretty Woman''

  • Opie Hileman, ''Connect 2''

  • Paul McNulty, ''Does Adama Dream of Electric Toasters / Apollo's Revenge''

  • Ryan Sharpe

  • Sara Buxton, ''Dialects''

  • Sarah Givens, ''Wavy Tray''

  • Spencer Silva, ''Zoey''

  • Spencer Silva & Myles Hevelone, ''Blue Fin Tuna''

  • Steve Lechleiter, ''Zen'' (Based on Steve Immerman's ''Axxcept'' series.)

  • Ted Sawyer, ''...''

  • Charlie Tellessen, Charity Reeves, Nate Baisch, Paul McNulty, ''Four Kilns''

  • Todd Beaty, ''Birth of Dionysus''