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The Art & Craft of Glass

If you're not quite sure where to start with art glass or glass art, that's no problem. When Bullseye started in 1974, neither did we.

Founders and Friends, circa '75

A Quick, Hip History

Back then, glass art pretty much meant glassblowing, torchwork, or stained glass. But our three founders became stubbornly boldly intrigued by the glass world’s equivalent of Bigfoot: the predictable, reliable, and stable fusing of different colored glasses in a kiln.

Throughout the history of glass, this kind of fusing had remained both an alluring dream and a pesky problem. When anyone tried fusing different glasses together, the materials inevitably rejected each other and broke. Most glass lovers had already deemed the fusing dream impossible. But, long story short, in 1981 Bullseye’s founders cracked the code and figured out how to produce a spectrum of glasses that could all be fused together.

Fusible glass—a.k.a kiln-glass—was born. And that breakthrough in workable material threw wide the doorways for a new kind of glass craft. Today, that craft has given rise to an international community of makers that Bullseye Glass exists to inspire, to equip, to educate, and, of course, to supply with the world's first tested compatible kiln-glass (still handmade at the Bullseye Factory in Portland, Oregon).

If you're curious about this modern evolution within the ancient craft of glasswork, you've come to the right place.


Your Path to Making with Glass

Creative Community, Excellent Classes

First, see if a Bullseye Resource Center is near you. If one is, we recommend signing up for one of our many short, sweet, and substantive introductory classes. Then come discover our creative community and experience our commitment to offering world-class education. We have everything you need to begin making amazing things with glass.

If you're not near a Bullseye Resource Center, use our handy search tool to find teachers and studios all across the world that provide education with a Bullseye focus.


A Dynamic Library of Online Videos

In addition to those options for learning, we have you covered through our online video education site. A yearly subscription of $45 grants you access to over 100 videos—diverse lessons and projects that will help you develop beginning, intermediate, and advanced skills. These lessons come with product lists that link to our online store. Wherever you live, our ever-popular shipping service can help equip you with tools and materials.


Want More to Explore? Here You Go!


Maybe you're ready to dive right in. If so, we offer a Paragon BenchTop-16 Kiln Kit that includes a kiln and all of the accessories you'll need to get started fusing glass in your home. It's perfect for beginners to intermediates, and makes a great gift for anyone interested in glass.

Maybe you're intrigued but still unsure. Me? Glass? If that's the case, get a better feel for this wild world of glasswork by checking out our many free videos. Whatever path you choose, we hope you'll count us as friends and allies in your creative explorations. Welcome!

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Helpful Resources

Bullseye offers a slew of helpful materials for your education and inspiration. These range from guidance through simple projects to technical articles that dive into the science of glass. We hope you enjoy.