Working Glass 2011 | Working Glass

Working Glass 2011


The 10th Annual Employee Exhibition
of Artwork Made from Bullseye Glass

More than 35 Bullseye staff members representing nearly every department submitted work to this year's show. Trends included a larger number of art school graduates and more first-time entrants than ever before. There was stiff competition in all prize categories.

Exhibition Dates: October through December 2011

Jurors: Gold, Silver, and Bronze prizes chosen by employee vote.


Prize Winners

  • <P><strong>First-timer Gold Award & President's Award</strong> <br />Chris Biegun (Warehouse), <em>Axe #1</em>.</P>

  • <P><strong>First-timer Silver Award & Nonfunctional Gold Award</strong> <br />Michael Endo (Bullseye Gallery), <em>Et in Arcadia Ego</em>.</P>

  • <P><strong>First-timer Bronze Award & Nonfunctional Silver Award</strong> <br />Melody Kennedy (Resource Center Emeryville), <em>Flap Jacks</em>.</P>

  • <P><strong>Functional Gold Award</strong> <br />Paul McNulty (Research & Education), <em>Pod Lamp 1.2</em>.</P>

  • <P><strong>Functional Silver Award</strong> <br />Eric Brush (Casting), <em>No Name</em>.</P>

  • <P><strong>Functional Bronze Award</strong> <br />Sarah Givens (Sales & Marketing), <em>untitled</em>.</P>

  • <P><strong>Nonfunctional Bronze Award</strong> <br />Ryan Sharpe (Melting), <em>Aura</em>.</P>


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  • <P>Alex Burson (Quality Control), <em>Duck</em>.</P>

  • <P>Andre Simard (Resource Center Portland), <em>Test Pressing</em>.</P>

  • <P>Bonnie Celeste (Research & Education), <em>Every So Often</em>.</P>

  • <P>Charlie Tellessen (Production Administration), <em>Fra-gee-lay</em>.</P>

  • <P>David Jobe (Casting) & Todd Beatty (Casting), <em>Mark y Mark</em>.</P>

  • <P>David Schouten (Melting), <em>Slipping through the Lustrous Cracks</em>.</P>

  • <P>Devon Willis (Sales & Marketing), <em>Schwarzschild Wormhole: How Alice defied the laws of physics</em>.</P>

  • <P>Doug Hybertsen (Tekta, Warehouse), <em>An Oregon Tribute</em>.</P>

  • <P>Erika Chubeck (Quality Control), <em>Untitled (Emma, circa 1860)</em>.</P>

  • <P>Jamie Woods (Accounting/HR), <em>I like you. No I don’t.</em>.</P>

  • <P>Jim Weiler (Research & Education), <em>Untitled</em>.</P>

  • <P>Justin Chapman (Melting), <em>Looking Up</em>.</P>

  • <P>Katina Niebrugge (Resource Center Portland), <em>Run Chicken Run</em>.</P>

  • <P>Kay Crawford (Bullseye Gallery), <em>Gyotaku (Japanese Fish Printing)</em>.</P>

  • <P>Louise Krampien (Research & Education), <em>Seeing</em>.</P>

  • <P>Marketing Dept. (Sales & Marketing), <em>Tested Flowpatible</em>.</P>

  • <P>Minna Shirley (Sales & Marketing), <em>Vowel Movement</em>.</P>

  • <P>Stacy Lynn Smith (Resource Center Portland), <em>Collection 4</em>.</P>

  • <P>Steve Lechleiter (Batch), <em>Lava</em>.</P>

  • <P>Ted Sawyer (Research & Education), <em>Focus</em>.</P>

  • <P>Tom Jacobs (Research & Education), <em>Left Overs</em>.</P>