Working Glass 2013 | Working Glass

Working Glass 2013

Award Winners

President's Choice
Anton Hauptman, Go Nowhere, Just Be

Functional Prizes
Gold: Paul McNulty, Volcano-Bottle Lamp
Silver: Todd Beaty, Straight Outta the Horse's Mouth
Bronze: Anton Hauptman, Go Nowhere, Just Be

Non-Functional Prizes
Gold: Ryan Sharpe, Ain't Nuthin' But a Bee Thang
Silver: Jamie Grove, Neglected
Bronze: Evan Louwenaar, Gneiss

First-Timers Prizes
Gold: James Nickerson, Gifts of the Paternal Gene
Silver: Jamie Grove, Neglected
Bronze: Spencer Silva, The Attack


  • Sam Andreakos, untitled

  • Nate Baisch, 'Cup'

  • Todd Beaty, 'Straight Outta the Horse’s Mouth'

  • Sara Buxton, 'The Understudy'

  • Bonnie Celeste, 'Coefficient of Haze'

  • Erika Chubek, 'Hide and Seek'

  • Alex Deupree, 'Dude, it’s an Amp'

  • Michele Fais, 'Portland Sunset'

  • Amy Ferber, untitled

  • Kaley Finegan, 'Constant as the Northern Star'

  • Kevin Fitzgerald, 'Tangled'

  • Sarah Givens, 'Turquoise Party Platter'

  • Geraldine Gladden, 'Geraldine’s Ladder'

  • Don Graham, 'Chessboard'

  • Jamie Grove, 'Neglected'

  • Camille Hamilton, 'Dream Automata'

  • Anton Hauptman, 'Go Nowhere, Just Be'

  • Jake Hogan, 'Slumber'

  • Tom Jacobs, 'I’m okay, you’re---'

  • Drew Kail, 'Two Cups'

  • Steve Lechleiter, 'Bamboozled'

  • Evan Louwenaar, 'Gneiss'

  • Paul McNulty, 'Volcano-Bottle Lamp'

  • James Nickerson, 'Gifts of the Paternal Gene'

  • Mary Kay Nitchie, 'Color Study: Kitchen Backsplash'

  • Larisa Palmentere, untitled

  • Rachel Rader, 'Found: War Medal'

  • Charity Reeves, 'Glass Candy Jewelry'

  • John Santellano, 'Lagrimas Gitanos'

  • Ted Sawyer, 'can'

  • Ryan Sharpe, 'Ain’t Nuthin’ but a Bee Thang'

  • Spencer Silva, 'The Attack'

  • Andre Simard, 'Slightly Spooky'

  • Ian Stevens, 'Self-portrait (Casting)'

  • Charlie Tellessen, 'Home is Where the...'

  • Devon Willis, 'Fremont Bridge at Sunset'