Working Glass 2018 | Working Glass

Working Glass 2018

An exhibition of artwork by Bullseye employees

March 10, 2018 — July 31, 2018

Bullseye employees do a lot with glass: melt it, roll it, sell it, package it, ship it, and teach you ways to work with it. But they also love working with it themselves, and Working Glass is proof.

This annual exhibition, which shows off pieces they've made after hours in the factory and in their own homes and studios, is returning for the late spring and early summer of 2019. Details to come!

Working Glass 2018 award winners

    • Functional (tiles, dishes, lighting, buttons, jewelry, etc.—selected by employee vote)
      Gold: Larisa Palmentere, The Portland Rose
      Silver: Sara Buxton, Inside Out No. 2
      Bronze: Bonnie Celeste, Mezze
    • Non-Functional (sculptures, wallpieces, etc.—selected by employee vote)
      Gold: Grahm DePouw, Wave Goodbye to Superior, Welcome the Split
      Silver: Devon Willis, The Yellow Wallpaper
      Bronze: Austin Turley, Sequence 2, The Shape of Things to Come
    • First Timer (for employees who have never entered a Working Glass competition—selected by employee vote)
      Gold: Heather Foster, ENOUGH
      Silver: Jennica Petersen, Every Self
      Bronze: Andre Buenacosa, What's Your Fantasy? Lucha Libre
    • President's Choice (selected by Bullseye President Daniel Schwoerer)
      Kim Sharp, Studio Sketch
  • Sam Andreakos, ''Fraternal Twins''

  • Nathan Baisch, ''No Title 1 = Skull 2 = Rose''

  • Todd Beaty, ''Naturally Disastrous''

  • Izabel Brown, ''Transistor''

  • Andre Buenacosa, ''What's Your Fantasy? Lucha Libre''

  • Sara Buxton, ''Inside Out No. 2''

  • Maria Gracia Cabanilla, ''Birdy''

  • Bonnie Celeste, ''Mezze''

  • Justin Chapman, ''Win Fail''

  • Jett Crieger, ''The Pull of the Tilt''

  • Grahm DePouw, ''Wave Goodbye to Superior, Welcome the Split''

  • Heather Deyling, ''Invented Hybrids, 070, 2017''

  • Morgan Dougherty, ''enDANGERed''

  • Matt Ellis, ''Oh, Hey Bud!''

  • Peter Englander, ''Huh?''

  • Amy Ferber, ''Jackson's Birthday Plate''

  • Kaley Finegan, ''Vague Recollections''

  • Heather Foster, ''ENOUGH''

  • Aaron Gabriel, ''If the Answer is No, Can I Change Your Mind?''

  • Michele Gotfredson, ''Geometric Glass Rectangle Pendant Necklace''

  • Jake Hogan, ''Chickadees''

  • Clay Holstine, ''Obscured, A Simple Revelation''

  • Steve Lechleiter, ''Dragon''

  • Skyler McCaughey, ''Mortal Coil''

  • Sarah Milliron, ''Cut the the Feeling''

  • Mary Kay Nitchie, ''Rings Within Rings''

  • Larisa Palmentere, ''The Portland Rose''

  • Jennica Petersen, ''Every Self''

  • Natalia Reyes, ''Playa Dream, Tip, Taino''

  • Geraldine Sandberg, ''Opposites Attract''

  • Ted Sawyer, ''Sunny Side Behind''

  • Kim Sharp, ''Studio Sketch''

  • Minna Shirley, ''Let Sleeping Cats Lie''

  • Hazel Tallent, ''Metroid''

  • Kim Tune, ''Family Day''

  • Austin Turley, ''Sequence 2, The Shape of Things to Come''

  • Rory Turner, ''KEFTEDE''

  • Julie Walker, ''Light Totems''

  • Devon Willis, ''The Yellow Wallpaper''