Working Glass 2019 | Working Glass

Working Glass 2019

An exhibition of artwork by Bullseye employees

Bullseye employees do a lot with glass: they melt it, roll it, sell it, package it, ship it, and teach you ways to work with it. But they also love working with it themselves, and Working Glass is proof.

This annual exhibition, which shows off pieces they've made after hours in the factory and in their own homes and studios, is back. It is currently showing at Bullseye Projects in the heart of Portland's Pearl District. The exhibition is open to the public from 12:00pm-5:00pm, Tuesday-Saturday, until end of day on June 1.

See photos from the Awards Reception

Working Glass 2019 Award Winners


(tiles, dishes, lighting, buttons, jewelry, etc.—selected by employee vote)
  • Gold: Dijenaire Crijuan 7razier, Glass Rings by Dijenaire Crijuan777
  • Silver: Todd Beaty and Grahm DePouw, Fin and Claw Lantern
  • Bronze: Bonnie Celeste, Four Courses


(sculptures, wallpieces, etc.—selected by employee vote)
  • Gold: Ryan Sharpe, Untitled
  • Silver: Skyler McCaughey, For Gabrielle
  • Bronze: Matt Ellis, Him

First Timer

(for employees who have never entered a Working Glass competition—selected by employee vote)
  • Gold: Karlye Golub, NGC-3576 (5.9 thousand light years)
  • Silver: Patrick Tubbs, It’s a Bowl!
  • Bronze: Shaun Biggert, The Taste of Butter

President's Choice

(selected by Bullseye President Daniel Schwoerer)
  • Sara Buxton, You Are Here
  • Kim Sharpe, Drawing with Astyr

Working Glass Entries

Download Artist Placards PDF

  • Aaron Gabriel, ''SiO (Solidified Energy)''

  • Ally Burch, ''Harrow''

  • Andre Buenacosa, ''Desolation''

  • Andy Gray, ''Untitled''

  • Andy Sterling, ''Ilú 1''

  • Anton Hauptman, ''Image Redacted''

  • Bonnie Celeste, ''Four Courses''

  • Bonnie Celeste, ''Four Courses''

  • Bryce Gaspard, ''Aerial Bowl I & Aerial Bowl II''

  • Corey Granados, ''30 Lashes with a Wet Noodle''

  • Devon Willis, ''Sir Camelot- Lord of All He Surveys''

  • Dijenaire Frazier, ''Glass Rings by DijenaireCrijuan777''

  • Dijenaire Frazier and Kristen Kohler, ''The Claw''

  • Geraldine Sandberg, ''Lil' Basket''

  • Grace McConville, ''Two Blue''

  • Grahm DePouw, ''Marrow on the Mind, Plasma Down the Drain''

  • Greg Gabel, ''Mangrove Table''

  • Greg Gabel, ''Mangrove Table''

  • Hanmi Meyer, ''Plaid Stackers''

  • Heather Deyling, ''Landscape Plates''

  • Jacob Denker, ''Liquing''

  • Janet Bartholomew, ''Untitled''

  • Jennica Petersen, ''Play Antics''

  • Jeremy Fisher, ''Heartbeat''

  • Jett Crieger, ''COLD CUTS''

  • Jo Ann Kemmis, ''Jo Jo's World''

  • Joy Abedikichi, ''An Eclipse''

  • Julie Walker, ''Study of Bubble Clusters 1, 2, & 3''

  • Kaley Finegan, ''Ad Astra''

  • Karlye Golub, ''NGC-3576 (5.9 thousand light years)''

  • Kim Sharp, ''Drawing with Astyr''

  • Kristen Kohler, ''Staycation''

  • Kristen Rawson, ''Untitled''

  • Larisa Palmentere, ''Untitled Coffee Table''

  • Maria Cabanilla, ''13-months''

  • Matt Ellis, ''Him''

  • Matt Ellis, ''Him''

  • Michelle Gotfredson, ''Geometric Channel Plate''

  • Minna Shirley, ''mise(ry) en place''

  • Patrick Tubbs, ''It's a Bowl!''

  • Robbie Boyce, ''Giant Steps''

  • Ryan Sharpe, ''Untitled''

  • Sara Buxton, ''You are Here''

  • Sara Buxton, ''You are Here''

  • Sarah Milliron, ''Beauty In The Breakdown''

  • Sean Cox, ''Nonsense''

  • Shane Barnum, ''No Title''

  • Shaun Biggert, ''The Taste of Butter''

  • Skyler McCaughey, ''For Gabrielle''

  • Steve Lechleiter, ''Ocean''

  • Ted Sawyer, ''POV''

  • Todd Beaty, ''Dig Site''

  • Todd Beaty and Grahm DePouw, ''Fin & Claw Lantern''