Working Glass 2015 | Working Glass

Working Glass 2015

Award winners

  • Functional (tiles, dishes, lighting, buttons, jewelry, etc.—selected by employee vote)
    Gold: Todd Beaty, “Between two Suns”
    Silver: Bonnie Celeste, “drift”
    Bronze: Sarah Milliron, “Touching the Void”
  • Non-Functional (sculptures, wallpieces, etc.—selected by employee vote)
    Gold: Louise Krampien, “Prelude”
    Silver: Carl Hand, “Film Strip”
    Bronze: Todd Beaty and Andy Bixler, “Oscar”
  • First Timer (for employees who have never entered a Working Glass competition—selected by employee vote)
    Gold: Dustin Sherron, "147”
    Silver: Sarah Milliron, “Touching the Void”
    Bronze: Kim Hylton, “Tooth fairy”
  • President's Choice (selected by Bullseye President Daniel Schwoerer)
    Carl Hand, “Film Strip”
  • Amy Machesic, ''Bicyle''

  • Andy Sterling, ''Fountain #1''

  • Anton Hauptman, ''Sting Out''

  • Arrianne Bright, ''Untitled''

  • Bonnie Celeste, ''Drift''

  • Camille Hamilton, ''Bent 111''

  • Carl Hand, ''Film Strip''

  • Carson Cole, ''Grainy Day''

  • Cory Granados, ''Miraculous Detritus''

  • Don Graham, ''One''

  • Dustin Sherron, ''147''

  • Erika Chubeck, ''Locksmith 123''

  • Geraldine Gladden, ''Necklace and earrings set''

  • Jake Hogan, ''Untitled''

  • James O'Neil, ''Untitled Tower #2''

  • John Santellano and Jake Hogan, ''Tilikum''

  • Justin Chapman, ''Untitled''

  • Justin Skillstad, ''Salt & Blood to hold that darkness''

  • Kimberly Hilton, ''Tooth Fairy''

  • Larissa Palmentere, ''Star Trek''

  • Louise Krampien, ''Prelude''

  • Mary Kay Nitchie, ''Cricket''

  • Michele Gotfredson, ''Night and Day''

  • Nathan Baisch, ''Untitled''

  • Opie Hileman, ''Non-archival wearable micro sculpture #1''

  • Paul McNulty, ''A Nightmare on Mork Street''

  • Rory Turner, ''Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads''

  • Ryan Sharpe, ''Untitled''

  • Sara Buxton, ''Thrice''

  • Sarah Givens, ''Wave''

  • Sarah Milliron, ''Touching the Void''

  • Spencer Silva, ''My Glassy Family''

  • Steve Lechleiter, ''Insomnia''

  • Ted Sawyer, ''P.O.D''

  • Todd Beaty, ''Between two Suns''

  • Todd Beaty and Andy Bixler, ''Oscar''

  • Warren Black, ''Peek''

  • John Santellano, ''Succulent''