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Glass for Art and Architecture

Artists at the Forefront of Kilnformed Glass

Since 1974, Bullseye has collaborated with artists worldwide (many of them from non-glass media) to develop and expand the fundamental materials and methods at the core of contemporary kiln-glass. These exchanges frequently result in new ideas, methods, and techniques. We're proud to share those stories here.

Looking Back: Klaus Moje & Dan Schwoerer in conversation, moderated by Lani McGregor

Rafael Cauduro: Reverse-Relief Kiln Castings

Mel Douglas artist talk on her contemplative glass sculptures

Fused, Carved, Slumped: The Subtle Layerings of Jessica Loughlin

The Realm of Quantifiable Truth," an artist talk by Emily Nachison

In the Beginning Was Black," an artist talk by Clifford Rainey

Crystal Schenk artist talk on current and past sculptures

Bertil Vallien: Sandcast Glass Timelapse

More information about artists working in kiln-glass is available at