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September 20, 2013 – January 11, 2014

Matthew Szosz untitled(inflatable no.48w, 2009
Matthew Szösz, untitled(inflatable)no.48w, 2009. (Photo: D. Stover)

  • Matthew Szösz, untitled (inflatable) no.61b, 2013. Fused and inflated glass, 12.375 x 16.5 x 8 inches.
  • Matthew Szösz, untitled (inflatable) no.65y, 2013. Fused and inflated glass, 7 x 13.375 x 10.25 inches.
  • Matthew Szösz, untitled (inflatable) no.66w, 2013. Fused and inflated glass, 7.75 x 17.75 x 10 inches (installed).
  • Matthew Szösz, untitled (inflatable) no.68r, 2013. Fused and inflated glass, 13.25 x 13.75 x 6 inches.
  • Matthew Szösz, untitled (inflatable) no.69b, 2013. Fused and inflated glass, 14.25 x 17 x 6 inches.

Matthew Szösz describes himself as the child of two ideas. “The first is the artisan tradition in which I was raised,” he explains. “The second is the church of ecstatic blue collar rock & roll anarchy, for which I volunteered.” Szösz’s sculptural and installation-based works exist in the territory between these disparate ideologies. Carefully crafted fused pieces meet violent actions as the work is mechanically pulled or inflated, producing mysterious and unexpected forms. The work, however, surpasses the novelty of his innovative techniques. The dichotomies of craft/destruction and mind/body are at the heart of Szösz’s studio practice. “The opposing pulls of intellect and emotion maintain a tense center that lives and vibrates with energy,” he explains.

Born in Rhode Island, Matthew Szösz received a BFA, a BID (industrial design), and an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. In 2007 Szösz was an Emerging Artist in Residence at the Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, Washington. In 2008 he was awarded a Wheaton Fellowship and in 2009 he became the second American to win the prestigious Jutta Cuny-Franz Memorial Award. In 2010 Szösz was a finalist in Bullseye Glass Company’s biennial Emerge competition. He currently lives and works in Oakland, California.

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