BECon 2003 | BECon

BECon 2003


Bullseye’s first kilnforming conference was attended by over 150 artist-teachers, administrators and others involved in the techniques and philosophies of teaching kiln-glass. They came from 22 U.S. states and 8 foreign countries.


Opening Reception: July 31
Conference sessions: August 1–August 3
Pre-conference workshops & tours: July 27–31
Post-conference workshops & tours: August 4–8


Portland’s Embassy Suites Downtown, Bullseye Glass Factory, Bullseye Gallery, Bullseye Connection Resource Center, and various local kiln-glass studios.

Sessions & Presenters

  • Keynote Address Richard Whiteley
  • Outfitting the Teaching Studio: From Basics to Big Bucks Rudi Gritsch, Judith Conway, Silvia Levenson, John Hohenshelt; moderated by Ted Sawyer
  • The Future of Kiln Glass Lani McGregor
  • Moldmaking and Glass Casting Daniel Clayman
  • Beyond Technique Steve Klein, Mary White, Daniel Clayman, Silvia Levenson; moderated by Henry Halem
  • Kilnformed Glass for K-12: Integrating Art & Science Mari Brockhaus, Lori Fujimoto, Mark Eckstrand, Daniel Pruitt, John Luebtow; moderated by Mary Kay Nitchie
  • Pâte de Verre: What is it? What isn't it? How's it done? Mel George, Deborah Horrell, Alicia Lomné, moderated by Susan Longini
  • Teaching on the Road Brock Craig, Avery Anderson, Richard Whiteley
  • Problem Solving for Kiln Glass: Research Methods from the Glass Doctors Rudi Gritsch, Daniel Schwoerer; moderated by Ted Sawyer
  • Health & Safety in the Kiln Glass Studio Monona Rossol
  • Professional Practices Richard Whiteley, Steve Klein, Judith Conway, Susan Longini; moderated by Mary Kay Nitchie
  • Designing a Commercial Teaching Program Erna Piechna-Sowersby, Judith Conway; moderated by Jim Jones
  • Firing and Annealing: Practice & Theory Daniel Schwoerer
  • Structuring the Kiln-glass Class Rudi Gritsch, Lani McGregor; moderated by Ted Sawyer
  • The Roll-Up: Wizards from Oz Rudi Gritsch, Jonathan Schmuck, Steve Klein, Greg Lueck; moderated by Ted Sawyer

Pre- and Post-Conference Workshops & Tours

  • Introduction to Mold-making and Kilncasting Linda Ethier
  • The Amazing Roll-up Greg Lueck & Matthew Stewart
  • Introduction to Kiln-glass: An Expandable Course Ted Sawyer, Lani McGregor & Guests
  • Set Your Kiln on Fire: Combining Fusing with Torchwork Bonnie Harder & Christy Corbett
  • Box Casting: A Demonstration Ted Sawyer
  • Patisserie de Verre: A Demonstration Charissa Brock
  • Indepth Imagery Jeremy Lepisto
  • Pate de Verre: A Demonstration Mel George
  • Coldworking: The Basics Mel George & Jeremy Lepisto
  • Expanding the Kilnforming Palette Roger Thomas
  • Beyond Technique: The Glass Sketch Ted Sawyer & Guest Artists
  • Introduction to Slumping Jeremy Lepisto


LEGACY: Teacher, Student, Mentor, Apprentice: the Transfer of Glass Knowledge
July 29–September 6, 2003 | Bullseye Gallery

Legacy explored the relationships that underpin learning in the multi-layered world of kilnforming. From university educators and their students, to weekend workshop beginners and their course leaders, to studio operators and their apprentices, Legacy was a visual overview of the products of teaching and learning to kilnwork glass. Many of the artists represented were BECon 2003 presenters or attendees.