BECon 2005 | BECon

BECon 2005


Bullseye’s second conference for professionals involved with the art, craft, and marketing of kiln-glass was entitled Ramp up! Its goal was to lift participants to the next level in their work.


Opening Reception: July 14
Conference sessions: July 15–17
Pre-conference workshops & tours: July 9–14
Post-conference workshops & tours: July 18–25


The Benson Hotel, Bullseye Glass Factory, Bullseye Gallery, Bullseye Resource Center, and various local kiln-glass studios.

Sessions & Presenters

  • Keynote Address Tina Oldknow
  • Tech Talk: Compatibility—What It Is, What It Isn't Daniel Schwoerer 
  • Artist Presentation Silvia Levenson 
  • Tech Talk: Strain And Stress in Kilnformed Glass Rudi Gritsch 
  • Artist Presentation Klaus Moje 
  • Tech Talk: Annealing—A Practical Approach Dan Schwoerer 
  • Artist Presentation Paul Housberg 
  • Making It Real: Artists and Architects Working with Kiln-glass Studios Rick Potestio, Susan Emmons, James Harrison
  • Artist Presentation Rudi Gritsch 
  • Auctions: Do Well As You Do Good Steve Klein, Marty Kremer, Taryn Coles, Dan Klein 
  • The Growing Studio Mel George, Jeremy Lepisto, Paul Housberg
  • Getting and Executing Public Commissions James Harrison, Dana Lynn Louis, Kristin Calhoun 
  • Art Marketing Alternatives Toni Sikes 
  • Residencies as a Mode of Career and Artistic Development Mark Zirpel & Ted Sawyer 
  • Teaching Conceptual Development Jessica Loughlin, Richard Whiteley, Catharine Newell 
  • Sharing the Wealth: Developing as an Artist and Educator Christy Corbett, Steve Klein, Alicia Lomné 
  • Transitions to Glass Tom Prochaska & Martha Pfanschmidt 
  • CSI: Kiln-glass Studio
  • Kiln-glass Health & Safety Greg Rawls 
  • Art Packaging Olympics
  • My Kiln, My Work Richard La Londe & Ray Ahlgren 
  • Artist Presentation Jessica Loughlin
  • Artist Presentation Mark Zirpel
  • Demonstration: Coldworking Richard Whiteley
  • Pricing Your Work Lani McGregor & Jeremy Lepisto

Pre- and Post-Conference Workshops & Tours

  • One Piece, Two Components, Three Colors Steve Klein 
  • Thinking in Glass Silvia Levenson 
  • Translation Jessica Loughlin 
  • 2-D/3-D, From Page to Pedestal: Pâte de Verre Vessels Deborah Horrell 
  • Pâte de Verre, Methods to Form By Alicia Lomné 
  • Coldworking Frantisek Janák & Chad Holliday 
  • In-depth Imagery Jeremy Lepisto 
  • Introduction to Mold Making & Kiln Casting Linda Ethier 
  • Lost Wax for Kiln Casting Linda Ethier 
  • Portland Studio Tour Studio Ramp, Fire Art Studios, Linda Ethier, George Batho


20/20: Twenty Artists Twenty Years
June 24–August 20 | Bullseye Gallery

Kiln-glass from the New Glass Review of the Corning Museum of Glass, featuring a special exhibit of Jurors' Choice and Rakow Award winners.

Contemporary Kilnformed Glass
July 13–August 31 | Bullseye Gallery

A brief survey of the recent history of kilnformed glass with special emphasis on international master Klaus Moje and the twin developmental currents of US West Coast and Australia's Canberra School of Art.