Monthly Archives: July 2007

BECon ended a week ago. Some of us are still trying to recover. I wish I had some brilliant words to describe it all. I don’t. It exceeded my expectations on all counts, but more than anything I was awestruck by the people who came from around the world to share ideas, stories and insights.


I was even more amazed by the locals – especially Bullseye’s people – who went to such lengths to welcome the world to our town.
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…through the front door of the Bullseye Gallery, the first attendees to arrive for the opening night festivities of BECon 2007.

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It’s started. Pre-conference workshops are in high gear. Students in Harold Linton’s 3D Color Workshop explore “the interactions between light, form, surface and color.”


While Cynthia explores the New York Times?
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Just before I left Portland for North Lands, our Research & Education team embarked on the much-anticipated 6-week working session with Klaus Moje to assist him in producing an unprecedented series of glass panels for his summer 2008 exhibition at the Portland Art Museum.


Moments before getting on the plane at Heathrow to return to Portland I received this emailed souvenir of Klaus’s most recent time at Bullseye.
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Clearly I dropped the ball somewhere between Day Three and Day Eight. But the class didn’t.

On the afternoon of the last day, participants shared their results and discoveries. Looking back at the first day of sketching and note-taking, I was truly impressed at how many of the early images and ideas had been transformed into glass – sometimes substantively, occasionally literally, always quite personally.
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Day Three of class ended with a hike down the 365 cliff-clinging stone steps of Whaligoe harbor.
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Lest I be accused of false advertising. It is not always sunny in Lybster. Today was perfect studio weather.
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Sunshine? Sea air? Great meds? Life is good in the Highlands.

There is nothing bucolic about Silvia Levenson’s own work, so I was surprised when she first came to North Lands a year ago and responded so immediately to the environs. Caithness is a blindingly beautiful place, all sea and sky and craggy cliffs, nothing like the edgy domestic interiors we’ve come to associate with Levenson’s personal work.
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