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Sunshine? Sea air? Great meds? Life is good in the Highlands.

There is nothing bucolic about Silvia Levenson’s own work, so I was surprised when she first came to North Lands a year ago and responded so immediately to the environs. Caithness is a blindingly beautiful place, all sea and sky and craggy cliffs, nothing like the edgy domestic interiors we’ve come to associate with Levenson’s personal work.

“I don’t want to teach here in the same way I’d teach in Portland or in Barcelona”, she told me last summer. “I want to use this place to start a journey, to understand the relationship between place and identity.”

So here we are, a year later. Surprise, surprise, the workshop is called “Place & Identity” and yesterday was Day One of class.

After introductions, an orientation to the studio, and discussion about course structure, the first day of class was spent exploring Badbea, the site of a former Clearance village along the cliffs just down the highway from the school.

Students reflected on the space, the natural and the stone remains of a built and abandoned environment, then distilled their experience to a word or two.

After Badbea, it was a short drive up north to Latheronwheel Harbor…


for some….



….and basking….

….before returning to the studio where the words were offered up to the white board

….and Dena, Jeremy and Silvia checked out the bank of Paragon GL24s, waiting to turn ideas into glass…

3 Responses to PLACE & IDENTITY, Day One

  1. Lani, thank you for the wonderful desription of the northlands experience. Its now on my list of goals for next year


  2. Lani says:

    I hope you make it up here, Dan.

    Looking at your webpage and reading your blog (I really enjoyed it!), makes me suspect you’d connect to North Lands instantly!

    Cheers, Lani

  3. You know its funny, I’ve been a serious artist for about 15 years but only just tried glass a month ago! I have friends who were into it, but I was just the onlooker. Now that I’ve tried it, I have to say, I’m totally hooked. Getting a kiln now and just bought 500$ worth of bullseye powder frit. I love the depth and dimensionality of glass.

    As I’ve been researching all things glass on the web, your blog and the bullseye sight has been an excellent resource. Thanks for your energy and insight.


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