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BECon Recon

It’s started. Pre-conference workshops are in high gear. Students in Harold Linton’s 3D Color Workshop explore “the interactions between light, form, surface and color.”


While Cynthia explores the New York Times?

A wall of seductive color exercises….


Less seductive to me is putting on an apron and grinding over some water-logged appliance.
Didn’t we women work our way out of this corner in the ’60s?


I guess not. Today it’s called coldworking, and it’s the hottest territory in glassworking to come along in decades.

I’m sure there are more surprises coming my way. But meanwhile most of us are grinding through last minute meetings and looking forward to tomorrow night’s opening party.

BEConvinced – it’s almost here.

3 Responses to BECon Recon

  1. Morganica says:

    Actually, I’m exploring Dr. Linton’s class notes. Very nicely organized. ;-)

    Really nice class, by the way. I’m learning a lot.


  2. bertglass says:

    That paper is tabloid sized. Are you sure it wasn’t the National Enquirer or the Weekly World News?

  3. Morganica says:

    Positive. It’s the angle that’s getting you–it’s Dr. Linton’s white binder full of really good information that the rest of you don’t get to see! ;-)

    I think I was trying to figure out the second assignment.

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