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Working Glass

Every year the same Bullseye people who build the furnaces, ladle the glass, pack the crates, teach the classes, stock the shelves, and answer the phones put together my favorite exhibition: Working Glass.


“Untitled” got my vote: a pair of over-sized pink nuts. From a young woman in the maintenance department.

This is the 6th year for the show and I’m still not sure which I like more: the Art, the Statements, the Bios or the Party. But what I like isn’t all that important anyway. First, Second, and Third place winners are chosen by the entire company. This year’s winning pieces say as much about the voters as the artists.

+7 Bicranial-Discernment

FIRST PLACE: Zack’s “+7 Bicranial-Discernment” won the popular vote.

What can you say about two sugary glass skulls mounted on opposite sides of a steel rack? Probably lots. Especially if you’ve had a few beers and are reading what the artist did before he came to Bullseye and wound up putting together Class Packs: “I worked in a large cube [where] the recycled air tasted like fear [and] the donuts looked like handcuffs.”

Yeah, just think about that the next time you unwrap your Class Pack.


No stinkin’ Chardonnay in this gallery. Art for IPA drinkers.

Sometimes the glam atmosphere of having one’s artwork on a pedestal is enough to make the head spin.


Sarinda, Ward, and Nathan’s discerning cranium at 400rpm.

But I lied when I said that what I liked didn’t matter. Both Dan and I spent the afternoon before the opening arguing over our favorites and worrying that we’d end up outvoted by the rest of the company. Democracy sucks. So we made up some last minute Special Awards.

Dan couldn’t resist Anton’s squishy and prickly things and gave it/them the Pushy President’s Prize.


SECOND PLACE: “Very Carefully”. Turned out that Dan wasn’t so far from popular opinion, after all.

Not that popular opinion at Bullseye is ever particularly predictable. Where else would glass masquerading as ’70s faux wood laminate wall board embracing retro plastic modernist design find this many fans?


THIRD PLACE: Morgan’s “Abstract on Wood Panel”.

…Maybe in the same place where the Partner Masquerading as Gallery Director couldn’t resist awarding her own Director’s Prize to a perplexing little creation that she’d have titled “Babushka’s Sputnik”, but its maker had called simply “Poke.” (Actually, indecisive as ever, the Gallery Director split her award between “Poke” and the “Untitled” pink nuts.)


Less concise, but no less pithy, Minna’s accompanying Statement: “I would like to say that I am exploring the balance between push/pull, hard/soft, interior/exterior and vocation/avocation. In reality I am augmenting my fledgling torchworking skills with my more developed fiber craftiness to make a funky doohickey.”

For the most part, Funky Doohickies ruled. It’s a good show. It’s a great team. It was a fun evening….even if I was out of focus most of the time.


Come by the Resource Center and check it/us out sometime. The show’s up until November 30. The team’s up all the time.

16 Responses to Working Glass

  1. When I sell the business in 4 years (target!) can I retire and move out to Portland and come work for you? You all look like you have too much fun!


    PS. I really like the hedge-hoggy things.

  2. mknitchie says:


    Thanks to you and Dan for sponsoring the competition and exhibition. I love seeing some of the various ways Bullseye people think about glass both in our classes and in our time outside of work. Functional, nonfunctional, weird, beautiful–each piece reveals something new about the maker that we might never know, even as we work together.

    Mary Kay

    PS: Will you and Dan enter pieces next year?

  3. lmcgregor says:

    Mary Kay,

    Sorry to disappoint.

    Dan & I are planning to retire next year and go into Hedge-hoggy thing production with Gary.
    ;-) L

  4. Lani,

    Thanks for posting this. Now I’m kicking myself for not remembering to go upstairs. Dangit again.


  5. BTW, do you need anybody in your accounting department? I’d love to join the party! :)


  6. lmcgregor says:


  7. Congrats on the wonderful glass art pieces created by your talented staff. I only wish I lived closer to enjoy them in person. I was sooo impressed with everyone on your team when I attended the Architectual Glass conference (which was amazing) and am thrilled to have the opportunity to see some of thier work again. I especially like the Prickly little (Bite Me ) pieces as I type with one finger in a huge bandage as my own glass bit me. Les

  8. Cool. Been there twice and haven’t gone upstairs. Drat.

    Do me a favor: Stick a great big sign at the door that says “Hey, dummy! The show is upstairs.”

  9. mknitchie says:

    Hi Cynthia,

    Can do. We might reword it slightly.

    Mary Kay

  10. I even heard people talking upstairs and I still forgot to go up there. A sign would be good, Mary Kay!! :)


  11. I’m moved to comment by “Untitled”. As a woman constantly fighting to be taken seriously in a traditionally male dominated field, “a pair of oversized pink nuts” are sometimes necessary & “Nuts” is a sentiment frequently applied to those of us that refuse to let tradition close any doors!

  12. Your factory involves its employees, clients, and the general public in amazing ways. Thanks for sharing your new discoveries, and your continuing education!

  13. Ginger Burnham says:

    Hey you guys are great!!! I really love the picture of the group!! The guy in the front row with the green shirt and the girl next to him are the best. They look like they are having a great time. They are my son and future daughter in law!!!!!!!! Love Ya

  14. Marian E. Gorman says:

    I loved the chance to see the show even though I won’t be able to see it in person. Everyone there is so talented. Thanks for sharing – it’s inspiring!

  15. Jan Ayers says:

    Every time I think I’ve done something wonderful myself, dangit, I peruse the Bulleye site and am humbled! Every single piece in this competition is a work I’d love to have done myself. The inspiration is magical, and the bar is raised yet again.

  16. Dottie Wernli (BareHands) says:

    Hurray for your Team! Tardy coments, but meaningfully issued. These projects are inspirational. Well done, Bullseye Team.
    In all the years I’ve been using your dependably beautiful and functional products, I’ve not thanked those who inspire and instruct we who aspire.

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