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Glue behind the Glam

What the hell is this? I open my email and staring out at me as if hinting at my domestic shortcomings – when was the last time I emptied the litter box? – is this bucket of sand hanging from a ladder.

Glue Test

Fortunately the accompanying note from one of our Techs tells me that it’s R & E’s ongoing test of Dow Corning’s 995 silicone. Supposedly the stuff is rated to hold 1 lb per square inch but is now holding 50 lbs successfully (metal to glass).

…which test was necessitated when they started to work on the hanging system for Moje’s recently constructed, 200-lb panels.

Whew! Thank goodness. It’s comforting to know that someone is doing serious work in this joint.

I’m off to SOFA and the next Party.


5 Responses to Glue behind the Glam

  1. Lani: Do you have any application details on that? Did they do any special surface treatment on the glass? Thickness of application?

    (Enjoy SOFA!).


  2. lmcgregor says:

    Oh jeeez, Gary, I just KNEW you’d want details. And I have a SOCIAL LIFE waiting for me in Chicago. I’ll try to get one of the Techs to post some more info. But first I have to catch a plane. ;-) Lani

  3. Jaclyn Kampmeier says:

    Hi Gary, Dow puts out a helpful product info sheet which includes prep and application notes. We followed these directions and did some application tests to ensure curing. Testing is still in progress, as always! -Jaclyn, R+E

  4. Thanks, Jacyln, I’ll check that out. Though, I always like to talk to the folks “in the field” that are using the stuff. (Good Ghu… you FOLLOWED THE DIRECTIONS??? )

    Lani: (who’ll be unable to control her Internet urges and WILL look here!) in addition to the SOFA notes we WILL be expecting blog entries on the after-hour going-ons and the eateries! You do need to make a field trip to Second City.


  5. But of course, Gary! I am, after all, a SOCIAL Scientist. (Jaclyn’s degree is only in Material Science.) Coco Pazzo, here I come!

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