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Mind-Blowing News about Glass

Levenson grenade 2

Last week I got an email notice of a new podcast that promised to “Expand Your Mind and Explode Outworn Beliefs!”

It was a podcast of an interview with Henry Halem in which the podcaster promised that Halem would reveal “…the truth about COE and its limitations in calculating compatibility!”

Of course we are delighted to learn of this brilliant new information since Dan’s been yammering about it for the last ten years. If you too have been living under a rock all this time, you can read the original under the title “TechNotes 3: Compatibility of Glasses on the Education page of this website.

But don’t let that stop you from buying Henry’s book – it’s got lots of other good stuff in it. Some of it is even his. ;-)

Seriously, we love the guy. Join us next summer when GAS gives him the Lifetime Achievement Award. And we buy yet another copy of Glass Notes.

4 Responses to Mind-Blowing News about Glass

  1. chaniarts says:

    it would be nice if this book was available somewhere in the US in some reasonably easy way to purchase it, unlike the almost impossible way to do so now.

  2. mknitchie says:


    I think there are at least a couple of reasonably easy sources for ordering Glass Notes, 4th edition. Above, Lani linked the words Glass Notes to Halem’s website, which has an online ordering page. And if you prefer to order by phone, we carry the book at Bullseye Resource Center. Call toll-free 888-220-3002.

    Mary Kay Nitchie

  3. Oooh, cool. Another site to add to my collection. ;-)

    I rearranged my library a few weeks ago and noticed two copies of GlassNotes. “Yet another copy” seems particularly appropriate. I wonder if there’s somekind of hoodoo on that book that makes people buy more than one? ;-)

  4. I’m wondering if chaniarts is thinking of Graham Stone’s book, which is hard to find?

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