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In the Land of the Jolly Green Giant

For months something wonderful has been rising above our little green gallery in Portland’s Pearl District.

NW13th & Everett

The Casey, June 2007. Those two stories of green brick in the foreground are the Bullseye Gallery

We’ve been following the building’s construction with interest and enthusiasm for many months. Not only because The Casey is adorned from street to rooftop with architectural kiln-glass fabricated by local artists in Bullseye’s factory studios. But also because this residential condominium has set a new standard in green building in the USA.

We’re proud of The Casey and honored to have had the opportunity to put kiln-glass and our artists into the greenest condo in the US.

Pfanschmidt panels

Martha Pfanschmidt lobby panels firing in Bullseye R&E studios, Spring 2007.

Casey at Night

A warm welcome: The Casey entrance, December 2007.

5 Responses to In the Land of the Jolly Green Giant

  1. Cool. I love the sherbet and jewel colors–she does beautiful work. Of course, the Casey does neglect to mention that that green effects are probably being canceled out by a dramatic increase in local automotive exhaust, since the construction zones force you to drive around and around looking for a parking space. And I doubt that’ll get better when the cars of residents and guests need to find a home there. OTOH, that’s probably part of a long-range plan to help us see the advantages of public transportation. ;-)

  2. Uh, the above is me, being a curmudgeon. (Can you tell I spent nearly an hour trying to find a place to park right around there, couple of days ago?)

  3. Ooooooo… “cool” indeed! I’ve got to talk one of my Oregon customers into a trip Out West so I can see for myself.

    I do love that gigantic kiln.

    Yeh, Cynthia… park on the OUTSIDE and take public transport INSIDE… Geeks ride, normals drive.


  4. When will the building be finished and the incredible glass panels installed. Are they in the Bullseye Gallery space right now. Les

  5. Hmm! On further reading I believe the residence are moving in now. Les

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