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Hail, Winter Solstice

For whatever reason, the shortest day of the year seemed like an auspicious time to trek out in search of an abandoned Highland village we’d heard was somewhere up in the hills above Loch Stemster.

2 shadow path
The shortest day, the longest shadow, High Noon on the road to Badryrie.

The end to the shortest story came soon enough…

After a few hours spent wandering knee-deep in muddy bog…

high noon
…punctuated by panicked wails of “How many more minutes of daylight do you think we have???”


I’d soon run down my battery taking pictures of frost-smothered heather…

deer me

… and icy deer tracks.

Fantasizing the Springtime discovery of our gnawed carcasses frozen in the peaty moor, we decided to turn homeward.

Badryrie is still out there. Somewhere. Its legends undisturbed for now.

And tomorrow is a longer day.

December 21: Loch Stemster icing over…

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