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If it’s January, this must be Memory Lane…


Recycling values. In the Beginning (1973) Bullseye glass was made of recycled bottle cullet. Thirty-five years later, a lot has changed. And a lot has not.

If you happened to grow up in America in the 1950’s as I did, you’re probably familiar with the self-congratulatory litany of virtues we were raised to believe were uniquely (US) American: inventiveness (aka “Yankee Ingenuity”), self-sufficiency, frugality, honesty, candor – all the Honest Abe stuff we truly believed contrasted us to “Old Europe” (even before a moron among us put a name to our arrogance).


The Oregon Bottle Bill of 1971 insured that local operations like Portland Recycling had enough mayo jars for the Hippies who’d gotten themselves a US Patent for the opalizing of recycled bottles and their transformation into Catspaw Opals. That’s Ray Ahlgren on forklift.

As rebellious as many of us were in the 1960’s, that same so-called Yankee spirit was clearly alive and well in the air-headed schemes our generation cooked up to solve everything from World Peace, to making art glass.

What happened to recycling in Bullseye’s manufacturing operation? What happened to this factory as it grew? What are our values today? How do we live them?

And what happened to the all that stuff we thought was so “American” in the ‘50’s and ‘60s?

If I can get back on track with this blog thingy*, I’d like in the next few posts to look at where those particular values and the odd-ball schemes that seeded this factory are today.

*OK, OK, I’m bloggin’ again – are you happy, Cyn?

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  1. Yup. I just eat this stuff up… I used your blog in a lecture last night, to show how industry can get involved with its customers… ;-)

  2. lmcgregor says:

    Wow, I’m impressed. With you, not me… I seem to keep irritating our customers by dropping this ball…

  3. That’s the problem with blogs–it’s kinda like getting a pet. If you don’t feed it regularly it gets cranky.

    OTOH, the time to worry is when you don’t post for six months…and nobody notices.

  4. Well, about time! There’s my cycler… read Lani’s blog…Sigh…no entry…read Cynthia’s blog…AH! ENTRY! Parity has now been preserved with my two favorite blogs.

    I really like the “where we came from” tales. Lots of pictures, please (plus “where are they now…” pictures.)


  5. lmcgregor says:

    OK OK, you two. Look, I’m about to do two in two days. Now go find someone to marry and leave me alone for a while (Seriously, congrats, Gary!)

  6. Thanks, Lani! Boy, news travels fast in Portland…


  7. Yea!! You’ve posted again. I was beginning to wonder where in the world, literally, you were this time. :D I’m with Gary, I like reading these “historical” kind of posts. I missed so much!


  8. Alice says:

    nice one

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