Monthly Archives: March 2008

While I’m waiting for the next Guest Editor to come to my rescue, I’m going to indulge in one of my longest-running rants, my objection to the term “warm” used to describe kilnforming.

1500°F is NOT warm.

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Well, Susan’s last (& first) blog about the weather got such a response that I just had to post this (as we wait for our other Guest Editors to come out of hibernation):


Thanks to Tamara at Killer Designs in Anchorage!

OK, in my scheme to get out from under this blog, I snagged my first Guest Editor. Susan Green is our Sales Supervisor. I’d seen her own [wonderful] blog that included a bit about the hummingbird nest in the factory parking lot and figured she’d bite.

Susan!!!! Hillary should be this small…and blow away!

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As heady as it is to think that we could conserve 6 million gallons of water a year with Daren’s recycling system, Bullseye is still a factory that is defined more by daily individual effort than by the periodic super-projects.

The humble factory drinking fountain. One little revolutionary idea.

Which is how the filtered water fountains happened.

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