Monthly Archives: April 2008

There’s also food.

The best I’ve ever had is fresh lobster.

Trapped off the coast of Caithness, Scotland. By a guy named Dave, on a boat named the White Rose.

So you won’t be surprised if I nominate as Best Business Idea I’ve Seen This Century a brilliant bunch of guys calling themselves Catch a Piece of Maine.

Imagine: your own trap, your own lobster, your own lobsterman. Dave, where’s your website???

If it’s Spring this must be Wanderlust.
I want to go far away. Can’t. Damned job.

Instead I think I’ll fantasize about distant places.

But since I can’t get my mind out of glass,

they’ll have to be places with glass in them…

Good glass…

What about Ulster, Northern Ireland?

And Karl Harron’s studio?

NICE Website, Karl!

OK, I admit to being a Google Alert junkie. Today’s alert for Bullseye took me out to a site run by a former BE Girl, Laura James.

That’s Laura, fifth from the right, wedged – before she escaped – between a gaggle of other BE babes at last summer’s BECon party.

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So you think your energy bill is high? Imagine using over $100,000 worth of natural gas every month.

Then imagine that the cost of that gas has increased by 50% in the last year.

If concern for the environment isn’t reason enough, maybe red ink will get you thinking about ways to cut back.

One 12,000 gallon cryogenic tank + two vaporizers = 50% reduction in natural gas usage.

One 12,000 gallon cryogenic tank + two vaporizers = 50% reduction in natural gas usage per furnace.

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(But not of me. Kate contributed the blog post below over a week ago and, like a lost penny, it ended up in my misplaced mental baggage somewhere between here and New York. – Lani)

Arrianne, Janet, Andre, and Stacey put a recycled water bottle to good use.

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