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Just Link It

OK, I admit to being a Google Alert junkie. Today’s alert for Bullseye took me out to a site run by a former BE Girl, Laura James.

That’s Laura, fifth from the right, wedged – before she escaped – between a gaggle of other BE babes at last summer’s BECon party.

And what do I find when I get there? Links to sites by UN-former (whew!) BE people: Bonnie Celeste and Nathan Sandberg, both of our R&E department.

I know I’ve been promising to delegate some of this blogging job. And more than one reader has suggested I just outsource it to Cynthia Morgan whose dust is my steady diet.

Maybe I just need to link more!


PS. Rumor has it that our own Greg Gabel also has a blog. But for all my Googling I can only find him (a bit aged!) over on Lampworkeretc.com. Also surrounded by lotsa women. Shamelessly flaunting his rod.

2 Responses to Just Link It

  1. Hi Lani!

    I love that picture of the BE Babes! Reminds me of the good old days…BECON was so much fun!

    I forgot to add Christy Corbett to the glass links! Ooops. My bad.

    Your blog is so much fun to read, thanks for the mention and if you ever need a guest blogger…

  2. Hard to let go, eh? ;-)

    Blogging is worse than a puppy for needing care and feeding, but when the words are YOURS it can be an addictive pain in the neck.

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