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More Whinge Than Wimper

I know I promised to write about the GAS conference. You’d think that I’d have something to say about a project that consumed over a year of my life.  Maybe a simple BESTS & MOSTS list like Cynthia’s.

Oddly though, my BESTS were a little too much like my WORSTS. Stuff like:


…craning for a view (the bleached head in the upper right-hand corner of the frame is me), I can’t deny the rock-concert allure of mobs watching really good blowers (and Paul Cunningham doing a Moje roll-up fills that bill brilliantly).

But somehow, conversing through a bullhorn lacks a certain intimacy.

…even if Dan seemed to enjoy the hell out of herding hundreds of compliant souls around the factory.

I appreciate the organizational steroids it takes to manage a project of this size, but I came away from  GAS  with a heightened appreciation for conferences on the scale of Ausglass‘ or North Lands’, where human contact doesn’t mean having your hand ground into the steel bleachers by some kid’s Doc Martens as he scrambles for a seat.

OK. Clearly I’m still in GAS rehab. I WILL try to find some less curmudgeonly BESTS in a day or two.

For now, I’m off to confer with the most appealing crowd in THIS neighborhood.

4 Responses to More Whinge Than Wimper

  1. Toni says:

    I was at the Moje roll-up demo. It was packed with people, electricity, excitement, awe – you name it. I felt like I was in the presence of greatness. Hell, I WAS in the presence of greatness. :) I just wish my photos would have turned out better.

  2. Uhm…whinge? We ARE across the pond, aren’t we! ;-)

    Did a demo at Museum of Contemporary Craft’s street fair last weekend. Tank-topped woman toting three kids and a six-pack stopped to watch me making a pate de verre thingy, tapped me on the forehead and said, “You know, there was a big glassblowers meeting here a few weeks ago. You should have gone to that. You would have learned a lot.”

  3. lmcgregor says:

    Ha ha, too funny, C! I hope you told the wanker to put a sock on it!

  4. LANI! Such language, and you, such a Fine Young Lady. *shocked* I’m just *shocked*.

    BTW… what time is the sun setting up there?


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