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The Wives Have It

Dan and I argue about a lot of stuff. And, fortunately, we agree about a lot of stuff. I give him lots of advice. And he gives me more.  Sometimes it’s about the cat or the kitchen remodel, but mostly it’s about work. We’ve shared a life and a business for over 25 years. I can usually predict what he’ll approve of and what he won’t – especially when it comes to Bullseye.

He’s never had a problem with anything I’ve blogged about here. But I suspect that – given a choice – he’d keep politics out of the workplace. BUT, inspired by Ed’s comment yesterday (“My football, my rules”), I’m going to quit biting my tongue on this one.

I’m voting for Michelle’s husband.

Obama got my ear many, many months ago when he talked about discussions he’d had with a wife I knew nothing about.  They were talking about his running for the presidency.

He said that she’d said something like “If you’re going to do it, you have to do it now.  In a few years you won’t remember what’s it’s like to have been poor, to have had student loans to repay, to have struggled to pay bills. If you’re going to run, it needs to be now while you still remember.”

OK, I’m sure I took a lot of liberties with that “quote” since I can’t now find it anywhere online. But the substance hit me. And stayed with me. I fell in love with that woman. And her history. And the advice she gave her husband.

So I wasn’t surprised to still be captivated by her when she – and her awesome J. Crew threads(!) -  showed up on the Tonight Show a few days ago.

Thanks for posting the Michelle on Leno clip online, Gary!

And thanks, Ed, for giving me the quote I needed. This morning over oatmeal when Dan says “I’m voting for him too, but that’s a personal – not a business decision”, I’m just going to say “My football.”

6 Responses to The Wives Have It

  1. My pleasure, Lani. When I grabbed my “” website back in 2006 I just knew in my gut that Barack was going places. When The Dot and I sat in an arena with 30,000 others last winter (good Ghu! Has it been that long!?!) and saw that crowd made up of every race, every age, every gender… we felt in our hearts and in our minds that Obama had the chops to lead our country.

    Nothing I’ve seen or heard has changed my mind.

  2. Gordon says:

    I’m with Dan, leave politics out.

  3. Ed & Donna LaPlante says:

    I agree about the no politics deal too but then it is Lani’s blog. If I thought any discussion was a problem I could always unsubscribe but I do not think this is the case here. In my business I am very careful with political discussion yet most of my clients eventually know where I stand. We all only have one vote and should exercise that right. Who ever wins this election will have their hands full!


  4. lmcgregor says:

    I really did think long and hard about this before finally stepping into it.

    If there is anything that I hope we all come away from in this difficult election, it’s how to disagree without being disagreeable.

    It’s a talent I’ve always envied in others and keep hoping I’ll develop eventually in myself.

  5. I agree with Gordan..leave politics out of the workplace, I disagree with Ed, It would be Lani’s Blog if it was posted on her own private website. It is not. It is posted on a business website. I do agree that the future president will have thier hands full.

  6. Toni says:

    I agree with you, Lani. Your football, your rules. I don’t think one political post before the most important election in my lifetime is a bad thing. While I happen to agree with your leanings, I just think this time in which we are living and with the state we are in politically that it is extremely important that each individual get out and VOTE. If you don’t and the election doesn’t go the way you want, then the only person you can blame is yourself. Vote, people!!

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