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…the cupboards were bare!

Pippa was appropriately mortified when Dan & I showed up for an unexpected visit to Warm Glass UK in Bristol only to find their normally packed glass racks embarrassingly barren of Bullseye sheets.

Sheepishly, Simon explained that they’d JUST had a big Bullseye sale and been wiped out of inventory. Sure, sure…

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Of all the stuff you can forget to do in the dash out the door, naming a contest winner isn’t at the top of most lists.

Sorry….I was speeding around last week getting ready to leave town and dropped my umpteenth ball this year…only to be reminded by Leslie who wrote in response to  my promise of prizes for suggestions regarding our online ordering:

“Hey!!! where is the drum roll? Dec. 5th has come and gone…..”

Not exactly an Oscar, but Bullseye T’s will go out to the prizewinners who told us what they thought of our new online ordering system.  (No, they don’t have to wear our testy political messages…they can also choose from the more civilized Bullseye Compatible, Bullseye Logo, Factory Cats, Annealing Chart, or Made-in-Oregon shirts)

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A comment (#15) that recently came in to my earlier post – Mystery Shopper Gets Boxed In – needs a bit more airtime than it will get in the comments section there, so I’m pulling some of it into this post.

In response to the opening of our online store, Barbara Muth writes about a remarkable DC-area teaching studio/supplier:

“I’m pretty faithful to Vitrum. For the reasons you discuss in your next post, Lani. It’s always a pleasure to run into people I know while I’m there, a delight to schmooze with Judy and Kevin. (Judy started me on this path a long time ago.) And it’s the perfect place to go when I want to talk through possible solutions. I can’t imagine not shopping at Vitrum. They know what new things I am going to love and point my way in that direction first thing when I come in the door.”

Teaching studios like Vitrum are the life-blood of our field. They are the local portal where the public discovers glass and the energetic community of people who work in it. Our team regularly return raving about their visits to Judith and Kevin’s studios.

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So now that I've cut a skillion skinny little strips of glass, how about I  drive back up I-5 to my own hot shop and you guys finish up here?

"So now that I've cut a skillion skinny little strips of glass, how about I drive back up I-5 to my own hot shop and you guys finish up here?"

Is there no end to what this guy will put up with???

A few days ago I posted about how Dante Marioni endured a decade of blowing for us during Thanksgiving weekends from 1995 to 2004. Looking back, it’s hard to miss the similarity to the classic Failed Marriage dictum: “I love you. You’re perfect. Now change.

After watching Dante & Team blow dazzling forms in glass for ten years, what would you expect us to do?

We asked him to try kilnforming.

What a sport. He did.

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