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Viva Vitrum

A comment (#15) that recently came in to my earlier post – Mystery Shopper Gets Boxed In – needs a bit more airtime than it will get in the comments section there, so I’m pulling some of it into this post.

In response to the opening of our online store, Barbara Muth writes about a remarkable DC-area teaching studio/supplier:

“I’m pretty faithful to Vitrum. For the reasons you discuss in your next post, Lani. It’s always a pleasure to run into people I know while I’m there, a delight to schmooze with Judy and Kevin. (Judy started me on this path a long time ago.) And it’s the perfect place to go when I want to talk through possible solutions. I can’t imagine not shopping at Vitrum. They know what new things I am going to love and point my way in that direction first thing when I come in the door.”

Teaching studios like Vitrum are the life-blood of our field. They are the local portal where the public discovers glass and the energetic community of people who work in it. Our team regularly return raving about their visits to Judith and Kevin’s studios.

Barbara continues, “On the extremely rare occasion that they have not had what I was looking for, I have ordered from BE directly. I imagine I will still do so. But, if I were far from a metropolis where there wasn’t a studio carrying the FULL product line, I would have been doing somersaults last night. Nothing is better than accessibility, whatever form it takes.”

Barbara, thank you for writing to let us know about your relationship with Vitrum. We admire them and love them as much as you do!

From their website (that is refreshed and replenished as often as their product shelves!):

PS. I just noticed that the latest update to Judith and Kevin’s site is a set of samples made with our newest reactive glasses. This is a manufacturer’s dream: users who are staying out on the leading edge of product use – and sharing that information with others!

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  1. I only know Barbara from the Warm Glass forum and have benefited from her advice. I too have the benefit of getting my Bullseye glass from a great supplier in my area, D & L in Denver.

    Yesterday, I received my order for some of your new fusibles and I cannot wait to ‘test drive them’. I’ve been a huge fan of Bullseye for years and commend you for all you do for artists like myself.


  2. Not enough good things can be said about Vitrum.

    Long before we opened Helios I happily traveled half way across the country to take classes there.

    Judith and Kevin have been – and remain – a huge inspiration for us.

    - Paul

  3. What a pleasure to discover this thread (actually, I was alerted to it by more than one person!). Thank you Barb, Lani and Paul for the nice words about Vitrum. A large and varied mix of “ingredients” make up Vitrum, but probably the most important two are that both Kevin and I love the material and never tire of creating with it. Add to that the consisity and dependability of the glass, the support from Bullseye in all areas, especially in the education and technical arenas, and the wonderful network of like-minded artists who have shared their knowledge and experience with us. Then add in our exceptional students and friends, and our incredible staff, and you have part of the “recipe”.

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