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Forget Anything?

Of all the stuff you can forget to do in the dash out the door, naming a contest winner isn’t at the top of most lists.

Sorry….I was speeding around last week getting ready to leave town and dropped my umpteenth ball this year…only to be reminded by Leslie who wrote in response to  my promise of prizes for suggestions regarding our online ordering:

“Hey!!! where is the drum roll? Dec. 5th has come and gone…..”

Not exactly an Oscar, but Bullseye T’s will go out to the prizewinners who told us what they thought of our new online ordering system.  (No, they don’t have to wear our testy political messages…they can also choose from the more civilized Bullseye Compatible, Bullseye Logo, Factory Cats, Annealing Chart, or Made-in-Oregon shirts)

…to Barbara Muth for all the suggestions she offered for improving our new online store buying experience – especially the one that essentially said: “Buy Bullseye from your local supplier!” Honest, if it’s available, that should always be your first choice: support your local teaching retailer. We’re just here to help you in the (hopefully) rare instance when they can’t.

…to who-else-but Cynthia Does-She-Never-Sleep? Morgan for not only the “Clearance” and “Specials” suggestion, but for the skillion other ideas she emailed privately. It will be 2016 before we can get them all done, but a lot of them have gone on the wish list for Phases 2-102.


Finally, Everyone, thanks for all the other great ideas. (And Jeff, I’ve added a THIRD PRIZE for you, in recognition of the time you took to write that amazingly thorough explanation of what a pain your ordering experience was ( ;-) and also because I’ve suddenly discovered we’re making more styles of T-shirts than glass – and we need to cull the inventory….)

Cynthia, Barbara, and Jeff, you’ll be contacted by a Bullseye Elf to get the details of which T-shirt(s) you’d like us to send you.

3 Responses to Forget Anything?

  1. Cynthia Morgan says:

    Well (sniff, sniff), I’m honored to receive this award on behalf of all the little people out there, and I’d like to thank my…



    Does that mean Jeff gets THREE t-shirts? ;-)

  2. Lani says:

    Ha ha. Well, it WOULD if the hobgoblin of my little mind worked that way. But it doesn’t. ;-)

  3. WEll I think I shall order one for ME tooooo as they are wonderful. Unless of course when Cynthia is LEAST expecting it , and I come out of the shower wearing hers!!!!!!!

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