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And When We Got There….

…the cupboards were bare!

Pippa was appropriately mortified when Dan & I showed up for an unexpected visit to Warm Glass UK in Bristol only to find their normally packed glass racks embarrassingly barren of Bullseye sheets.

Sheepishly, Simon explained that they’d JUST had a big Bullseye sale and been wiped out of inventory. Sure, sure…

His promises to order more (we are, you know, a ruthless and tyrannical manufacturer that makes incessant and peevish demands on its dealers to keep stock on hand) were met with a skeptical eye (Dan’s not mine – which were simply crossed from all the left-side driving on those hair-raisingly narrow back country lanes).

To pacify the irascible Shelf Inspectors, Simon led us upstairs to WG’s recently completed new teaching studio. Well, shut my mouth! We were impressed into silence. I’ve rarely seen such a well-organized, light-filled, inviting space…which will soon be graced with some wonderful instruction from visiting artist Catharine Newell.

“Look, Dan speechless”….what a treat…

Dan, who is a slave to tidiness, was beside himself. “Unbelievable, you could have eaten off those floors”, he babbled all the way back to Bath….where he was yet again shocked to find a menu more terrifying than empty glass racks.

OK, ok, we’ll soon get to the Highlands where a wee dram of Balvenie Doublewood will make it all better…

4 Responses to And When We Got There….

  1. Styephen Richard says:

    I just got an early Christmas present of 16 year old Lagavulin. Enjoy your Balvenie and have a good Christmas.

  2. lmcgregor says:

    Thanks, Steve! Next time you’re in Portland you need to try our McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt* – it’s a Lagavulin taste-alike if ever there was one. (I know they’d shoot me over here for daring to say that!) Happy Holidays!

  3. Cynthia Morgan says:

    Ahhhhhh, bubble and squeak. Fond memories of sitting by a pub fire with some. It was the blood pudding that got me–sorta like chewing on a scab.

    But that’s a really nice-looking classroom. And given the TEN INCHES OF SNOW sitting on my back deck encased in ice, my congrats on escaping to the relatively tropical UK. Good holidays.

  4. Aww, thanks Lani for the kind words – we always love to see you and Dan (or any of the Bullseye team) here in Bristol.

    We are so delighted with our new facility and are counting down the “number of sleeps” until Catharine arrives to test it to the max with our eager participants.

    As for the Mother Hubbard shelves…yes, they were embarrasingly bare when you visited but only because our talented customers have been creating some awesome pieces with Bullseye Glass recently as submissions for this year’s Warm Glass Prize. Please take a look at as there’s some truly amazing work in contention this year.

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