Monthly Archives: March 2009

How many of you know that 2009 is the Year of Homecoming in Scotland?


It sure felt that way last weekend when many of us gathered for two sensational events: a benefit whisky tasting hosted by William Grant & Sons distillers on Saturday night and a panel discussion the following day by four artists who have taught and studied at my favorite school: North Lands Creative Glass.

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When did this video come out? Where was I???

It’s really wonderful – Enjoy:

For more on Steve’s work, click through to his website.

Along with enjoying the hell out of our current  Y-A kid’s glass project – I’ve also got to cop to a bit of spousal smugness at my Dan’s talent and willingness at taking on a studio project of this scale in between squinting through P & L statements. But the guy DID once build a glass factory with an old John Deere and a bunch of recycled shipyard steel (see earlier blog post).

So, just as I’m thinking I’ve got a candidate for Husband of the Year on my hands, I find some pics in my emails this AM that look like he’s got some tough competition:


Michele Carter wrote to me from Rohnert Park, California to show off what HER guy helped her do with a bunch of Bullseye packing crates.

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OK, OK, so I deserted my post. It’s been a little crazy lately. I know I’m not alone when I say that. But amidst all the unpleasantness of the economic downturn, a few glimmers of sunlight have popped out of the oddest places.


It’s hardly news that kids art programs are massively underfunded in the US. At Bullseye we typically need to decline the vast majority of requests we receive for donations. Even in the best of times, we just don’t have the resources to fill a hole that deep.

So why now?

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