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Crate Ideas!

Back in the early ‘70s the Bullseye guys (Dan, Ray & Boyce) were pretty smug about making art glass out of recycled bottles. No doubt, it was a cool idea. Followed by a few other ideas that weren’t quite so cool. Like using recycled dogs – ok ok, just the ash, collected from the local pound – to make a “bone ash opal”.  (Who could have known that the metal tags would muck up the color?)

Ideas are one thing. Style is another. IMO Bullseye didn’t have a lot of it back then (whose idea was it to run those stupid glass worms across the pages of Glass Fusing Book One?)

Recycling + Style? Enter The Dutch. Must be in the air (or the canals?) Only the nation that gave us Droog could do THIS to Bullseye crating:


Built by Hans Vernooij for Tim Schoondergang. (A note to Bullseye’s warehouse team: please watch the penmanship when filling in those net and gross weights in the future – it needs to be worthy of someday hovering over the Hutspot.)

Moving from the kitchen into the living areas, on wheels, no less! This coffee table by Boudewijn van den Bosch…:


….whose cabinetry is also sheer music….


Thanks to Steef Hendriks, our brilliant Dutch dealer at splinter &  de vosch, for showing us the stylish potential of Bullseye’s waste stream.

And thanks again to Michele and her crafty husband – I suspect that their story on this blog a couple of weeks ago may have started this international furniture competition.

10 Responses to Crate Ideas!

  1. Susan Green says:

    Hey Lani- as you know, we see some pretty interesting photos up here in the sales department, but these really got our attention. Talk about thinking outside the box! I’d like to put in my order for a coffee table, please.

  2. JC says:

    Hi Lani,
    I love these objects! The coffee table, in particular.
    It reminds me of similar work that was exhibited in a Crafts Council (UK) recycling exhibition in the mid ’90′s. Here is a link to an article about the exhibition
    I was lucky enough to exhibit along side it when it showed in the Midlands. I still have the catalogue and my favourites were the tiny chest of drawers made form sardine tins! And the jewellery made from cut, melted and re-polished tooth brushes. Genius!

  3. jenn houser says:

    I am thinking you guys should start selling the coffee tables- on the catalog page with the t-shirts and whatnot.

  4. Boudewijn van den Bosch says:

    Hi all,

    Thanks for your positive reactions. It is indeed possible to order your own coffeetable. I’m a furniture designer and maker and I love to work with the bulls eye wood.
    So feel free to contact me.. boudewijn(at)

  5. Wow, what excellent use of the crates, and talk about recycling! Beautiful, that coffee talk may have to become a catalog item Lani.

  6. …and still the recycling of Bullseye crates goes on….recently made by one of our Wrington neighbours has been busy, making chairs for us to rest up after a long day selling Bullseye Glass!

  7. Pippa, I love this! Available in flat-packs? Able to ship to Scotland??? (Our Highland garden is BEGGING for a pair ;-)

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  9. Carli says:

    These are GREAT. Living close to Bullseye in Oregon, I have the luxury of buying locally and not needing to ship glass a long distance, but wow, what a great added value for those that do and are handy with some nails and imagination! Bravo! =)

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