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The Longest Day – COLLECT 2009

Just because it looks posh on the outside, doesn’t mean that any Royal Treatment awaits within.


Small children being forced to run endless laps on the track in front of Saatchi’s glam digs should have alerted us  to the drudgery that lay ahead.

And sure enough…much as I utterly ADORE doing  COLLECT  in London, it’s the same old grind when it comes to setting up for this art fair.


The first view of one’s stand is usually a bit like  first meeting one’s Mail Order Bride – warts and all.

Jamie “What’s with the big wonky seam down the middle of this wall??? How are we supposed to hang art on a wall that isn’t flat?”
April “My head hurts”


I, fortunately, had seen “Waiting for Godot” only days before and was prepared for “No one comes, no one goes, nothing happens, it’s awful”. April tried to dream away the hours by imagining herself at the Tate…or the National Gallery…or still sleeping…


Four hours after we arrived at the booth, the carpenters had replaced the wonky wall and the painters had begun re-painting….


Five hours and 41 minutes after our arrival the painters were still working. But it wasn’t delaying anything. The artwork still hadn’t been delivered. Jamie claimed she could see the truck (excuse me “lorry”) stuck behind a load of scaffolding in the back alley…

Once our art delivery appeared, Bullseye’s team of Gastarbeiter, leaped into action and got the works onto the walls in record time.


Aptly named, April’s cameo-engraved wall set “The Delivery” went up quickly over the now seamless front wall.


…followed rapidly by a series of other exceptional Surgent sets….


…and the dramatic corner of Jeff Sarmiento pieces, anchored by my favorite wall panel, “Occupation”.


Jane Bruce’s “Vase, Bottle, Bowl” sets of kilncast glass blocks and drawings held court in the opposite corner.


…while Cobi Cockburn’s vessels drifted elegantly in their own niche…


….as Jess Loughlin’s ethereal panels and box floated in the mists of their own small universe….


…and the intrepid workers of DeWalt & Company paused for a moment – the one at exactly 7:22 pm – before heading off into a glorious London evening….hoping that when they awoke the next morning, Santa would have taken up the odd floor covering of yogurt label printing proofs they’d labored over all day….

- Jamie, me, April, Dan.

4 Responses to The Longest Day – COLLECT 2009

  1. Wow. The process looks exhausting; I certainly feel for all of you and the efforts. However the completion is soooooo cool. Awesome display and artwork. Love it!

  2. Beautiful set up, beautiful artwork.

  3. Stunning artwork , and the presentation is as always, Delicious!!!! Thankyou for this wonderful group of pictures that shows not only fantastic presentation, (as always,) but also the anxiety of setting up a show and wondering !!! Hmmmm! where is that truck!!!

  4. matt says:

    Nice little blog and what beautiful work you show. Hope it was good.

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