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CO[ ;-)]ECTed…last day

It’s the last day of COLLECT. Can’t leave with a pic of us all in a heap on the floor (and what a grand floor it was! Thank you, Dinesen)….


Out of his worker’s grubbies, Dan – and the rest of us – stepped into an opening evening like I’ve never experienced. For a few hours the Crafts Council let us pretend we lived in Charles Saatchi’s world. It was quite over-the-top.


Clifford Rainey and Jamie sipped the bubbly….


…while everyone took pictures of everyone taking pictures of everyone….


The next morning the crowds of real people queued up at the entrance…. for a terrific fair that included a remarkable selection of craft presented by the top European dealers (and we, the wee American one!)….

I wish I had time to show/write more, but I need to dash back over this morning for the last – and longest day – that will keep us packing into the night.

And just so Dan doesn’t get too comfortable living in Saatchi’s world, we made sure to catch the moment when his royal carriage turned into a pumpkin….


Of course. It’s London. It rains even in our finest hours….

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  1. The last time I was in London my traveling companion decided she MUST make a circuit of town atop one of those double-decker buses…in the rain. On the first day of Christmas shopping crowds at Harrods. A 30-minute bus tour turned into a 4-hour swim through jammed traffic, never been so wet or seen so many shoppers in my life. Yes, it rains in London. If you run out of black trash bags (which go with Dan’s outfit beautifully), saran wrap and newspaper are also efficacious. Avoid the pages with colored photos.

    Congratulations on a successful show.

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