Monthly Archives: August 2009

I expected to be blogging about Teaching Artists again today, but a recent kerfuffle over on a popular Internet glass forum caught my attention yesterday. Since it’s about one of Bullseye’s kids – aka products – I feel like I need to get all Mommy-like and charge into the playground to defend my brat.

The thread started out peacefully enough with one of Bob Leatherbarrow’s students lamenting the discontinuation of 0313 Dense White, one of our more than a dozen varieties of white glass.  So who needs this much white in their life?


The infamous “ring around the collar” caused by the collision of lead, sulfur and heat in Bob Leatherbarrow’s “Pebble Boulder Roll-Up”.

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Richard Whiteley leading a masterclass at North Lands Creative Glass in 2004.

TEACHING ARTIST. The title has a mildly incongruous ring to it. Like Galloping Gourmet or Flying Nun.

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Oregon doesn’t have a lot of big name tourist spots. Or small name ones, for that matter.  In Portland they’re mostly all parks: Washington Park, the Rose Garden, the Chinese Garden, the Japanese Garden.

So when BE Sales Manager Jim Jones and his team went scouting for quaint places to bring out-of-towners – without threat of rain, frisbees or off-leash canines – they hit on Dan’s and my living room. And everything attached to it.


So I wasn’t overly surprised to get back from Santa Fe a couple of nights ago and find a party about to erupt there. All the art is Museum Gelled to the pedestals or nailed to the walls, so we’re prepared.

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