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Teaching Artists, Part 3

Klaus Moje at SOFA Chicago 2009

One key measure of a teaching artist is the caliber of his students. Klaus Moje – and the glass workshop that he founded at the Canberra School of Art in 1982 – has produced many of the most talented artists working in kiln-glass today.


Moje with students at the Pilchuck Glass School, 1997.

Moje retired from Canberra in 1991, but has, in the years since, taught a limited number of hugely popular short courses through institutions from Bullseye to UrbanGlass to Pilchuck to North Lands, to name just a few. His mentorship of emerging artists and his life as a model of the innovative master puts him among the legends in our field. He is, furthermore, a teacher whose continuing personal explorations in glass provide lessons as valuable as any taught in the classroom.


Moje with Bullseye Masterclass at North Lands, 2005.

Following on his much-acclaimed recent museum exhibitions in New York and Portland, Moje will join Bullseye Gallery at SOFA Chicago where we will exhibit a limited selection of his museum tour pieces and older works, including a single Portland Panel from the historic set created at the Bullseye factory in 2007. Copies of his recent US and Australian catalogs will also be available – with the opportunity to have yours signed by the artist.


Moje speaking to the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass at his Portland Art Museum retrospective, 2008.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to meet a glass legend, see some of his most exceptional works within the context of the most extensive showcase for contemporary glass in the world today:

What: SOFA Chicago

Where: Bullseye Gallery, Booth 603
Festival Hall, Navy Pier, 600 E. Grand Ave., Chicago, IL 6061

When: Fri-Sat, Nov 6-7, 11am – 8pm
Sun, Nov  8, Noon – 6pm

Learn more on the SOFA Website

4 Responses to Teaching Artists, Part 3

  1. silvia says:

    wonderful! grande Klaus, e grandi Lani & Daniel!!!!

  2. I will be waiting patiently for a new blog Lani, filled with very special photos from Booth 603 at SOFA. Klaus Moje has been a major influence in our life ( Klaus has twin boys, and I am a proud twin too!) and I only wish I could travel to Chicago to see the Bullseye Booth in person. In the early 90′s we where in a class at Pilchuck with Klaus and Richard Whiteley ( Richard laughs when I mention this!) but it was a life changing 3 weeks. He influenced me then; in the way I look and think about glass, and he is still giving me soul food.
    Have a very special show Lani and Daniel. You have given so much to the art community and to the education of glass as an art form.

  3. Adrian says:

    I heard his somewhere but i can’t remember where.Anyway is it possible to meet the great glass kilns art legend Moje online?

  4. Lani says:

    No, sorry, to meet Moje you need to come to SOFA Chicago. EVERYTHING isn’t on the Internet.

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