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SOFA Chicago – Nowhere to Go But….

Up Up and Away to SOFA Chicago.


Yesterday two crews on either side of the Willamette River – Bullseye’s  factory studios and Bullseye Gallery – loaded on the largest amount of glass we’ve ever sent to the Chicago fair.


Dwarfed by the emptiness of a 40-foot long semi trailer, all that tonnage seemed suddenly so petite.

Unless you happened to be the guys having to muscle it onto the lift-gate.


A single panel of the Moje set: Choreographed Geometry, on its way to being delicately wedged into the center of a load that ended up using almost half the trailer.


Next stop: Navy Pier. Bon voyage!

7 Responses to SOFA Chicago – Nowhere to Go But….

  1. You guys always make it look so easy!…and we always wish you were on the other side of the world! Best wishes for SOFA…Claudia

  2. Lani says:

    We ARE on the other side of the world! (From you Kiwis, at least ;-)

  3. jenn houser says:

    Happy Travels!

  4. Ok, so I wish we were on the same side of the world!

  5. Uh-Oh. Watch out for Ernie (if folks don’t know who Ernie is…well…as a friend). He has taken to “borrowing” trailers full of merchandise for his own nefarious feline purposes.

  6. *sigh* “ASK a friend”. Need. More. Coffee.

  7. Lani…
    hope you don’t mind ..
    love your blog..
    you’re a great teacher.. :0)
    have fun.. & HAPPY HALLOWEEN
    mona & the girls

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